put the lotion in the basket – Swede Mason

put the lotion in the basket - Swede Mason

B-side to ‘Get in the back of the van” Free download at soundclick.com/swedemason Thanks to Ginna.
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  1. threadpusher says:

    I want the instrumental. 

  2. Carlos Menezes says:

    What is the instrumental?

  3. OortCloud33 says:

    Perfect lol. Thank you.

  4. Evan Olson says:

    Have none of you uncultured fucks seen silence of the lambs?

  5. Mack Lee says:


  6. cymaddux31 says:

    I guess he wants the lotion in the basket

  7. Jason Swan says:

    What do i put where? i’m confused? ;) 

  8. doop00 says:

    Put the fucking ghost into the bag

  9. hemliga dokument says:

    Ok, you want me to put the basket in the lotion?

  10. Justin Burkett says:

    This is the greatest ever.

  11. roblrocks says:

    Oh shit so sick haha 

  12. Imran Khan says:

    Genius! :) 

  13. Anthony Mazeika says:

    The only thing missing is him puking mid sentence all over the the hole.
    Seriously. Edit that shit in.

  14. clownchkn says:

    makes me want to do something involving lotion, but not quite sure what?

  15. MickyByte says:

    Only if you give me cake.

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