Pumpkin & Ghosts Halloween Cookies| Easy Halloween Treats Ideas|B2cutecupcakes

Halloween Treats Easy DIY Halloween Food Ideas Perfect for kids. Hey everyone today I’m super excited to show you how to make a simple quick but delicious Ha…

Laser Etched Halloween Cookies.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. ken ogues says:

    Im not trying to be mean but u look weird when u smile and is that your
    real voice its not cute its weird o.o

  2. B2cuteCupcakes says:

    Halloween Treats I had tons of fun making this video I love to decorate

  3. Cool12345 says:

    No offense and this isn’t a hate comment but how have you got 99,000 subs

  4. Victoria Viana says:


  5. CherMarie Rosero says:

    can you make a video of play doh or shopkins because i miss your vidoes

  6. Sony Nguyen says:

    That looks so good!

  7. 2aggirlstouidos says:

    Yummy ! Tip : put flour on your. Surface while cutting them that way it
    won’t stick 

  8. Najmi * says:

    Ken ogeus is my sister she’s right your voice is weird ( really)

  9. Daillin pere says:


  10. Elizabeth Ruffin says:

    hi its isabellar. i love your vodio love isabellar.

  11. Jane Carrillo says:

    You have to put flour so its not sticky

  12. mahfuza banu says:

    Love It 

  13. Nancy Patino says:

    super adorable ill be making them with my daughter ^-^

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