PROTEIN Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (High Fiber)

Would you eat cookies more often if they were healthy, high in protein, and delicious? If yes, then this Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is going to be…
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  1. The Protein Chef says:

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    some free time. I’ve been way busier than normal lately (I work 3 jobs +
    training). I love all of the support/comments from you all! Even though I
    don’t respond right away I do read every single one of them.

  2. The Protein Chef says:

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  3. The Protein Chef says:

    PROTEIN Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (High Fiber) Protein Chocolate Chip
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  4. shreddybrek says:

    These look awesome. I think i’ll try them after my next show.

  5. AHeroAlmost says:

    How long will these last for? Can’t wait to make a batch.

  6. Gabriel Karlsson says:

    I’m going to make protein bars out of these!

  7. ExactFitness says:

    Great recipe and video man! Loving the videos as always 

  8. smithraymond09029 says:

    Added to favorites! I love alternative recipes geared to those that are
    lifting or training regularly. For a once in a while treat of course, this
    is great! 

  9. 958409850a says:

    I dont have any coconut flour. Should I replace it with 56g of oat flour?
    and can you make a cinnamon roll/bun recipe :D 

  10. akamaster09 says:

    that looks fkn good man. good job.

  11. Manil V says:

    Once again your recipes never fail to impress!, keep up the great work! 

  12. Miles Hennis says:

    Man this is Awesome, I was watching another one of your videos last night
    and was thinking ‘I wonder if he has a chocolate chip cookie recipe made
    with a healthy flour like coconut flour’. You must have esp or something!

  13. Marlene Poulsen says:

    I love your recipes, and on top of that you are so freaking attractive, i
    just can’t deal, lol

  14. IamZeus1100 says:

    Definitely making these today! I just need a banana. And did you by any
    chance get your tattoos done at spyglass tattoo in manchester? 

  15. Anaid Suarez says:

    Since you added the banana does the banana flavor come through?? I’m not a
    fan of the banana flavor. Thanks for all the recipes they are great! :) 

  16. yousuf ali says:

    What if u don’t wanna use the banana?

  17. Kim Hoeltje says:

    Awesome recipe!!

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