Popular Swedish Treat?

Question by Insanity: Popular Swedish Treat?
What treats (candy, cookies, ect.) are popular in Sweden? Also do they make any special treats on ones birthday in Sweden?

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Answer by Llandel Veguilla ♥
Apparently it’s rude not to give head in Sweden, so I’m guessing that’s one of their most popular treats, but as far as confectionary goes, probably not right? But the thing Swedes should be well known to love and be good at making is of course chocolate.

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  1. marita says:

    well,i haven’t been in sweden long time ago but i can tell u that all of them are in love with ice cream and they have kind of candy which is sulted and it’s balck colred.
    i don’t know the name of it but u can see in the “karmel larget”=the sweets stor
    good luck!

  2. Cart Man says:

    Hm, i think alot of our “treats” are sold in many other countries. We do have semla, which is marzipan and cream put inside of a bun. There are local cakes and stuff. Where i live we have spettekaka, which i have never tasted

  3. Daniel says:

    Well… kinda hard to say what treats are popular in sweden since it is down to personal taste and the common cuisine for ones birthday is cake.

  4. myinnerviolence says:

    “Chocolate balls” (chokladbollar) and “Sticky chocolate cake” (kladdkaka) are popular… nom nom!… Punsch-roll (Punschrulle, aka Dammsugare) is kinda popular too but many actually dislike it. I think it’s yummy.
    Popular candy would be, literally, “loose candy” (lösgodis) but it’s not very Swedish since the same candy can be found in other countries as well.
    I personally find Ahlgrens Bilar to be a classic, it’s sold in some other countries.
    I personally like Malaco… http://www.malaco.se/content/produkter
    Popular chocolate would of course be Marabou.

    Some people want cake, for example Princess cake, for their birthday. I think it’s gross and for my birthday I want cinnamon buns and some nice (imported) chocolate chip cookies… or maybe Ballerinakakor. That one for sure is a classic.

    There’s a cookie called syltkaka or hallongrotta.
    I don’t think it’s veerryy popular, but it’s rather common. I personally like it… but I wouldn’t buy it, just make it myself. I Googled it and it’s known in the US too… as thumb print cookies…

    I like Kärleksmums/mockarutor but I don’t know which country it’s from and I veeeeery rarely eat it. Pretty much never… once a year if I’m lucky :P .

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