Poll: Would you rather have a cookie or a candy bar?

Question by Michael: Poll: Would you rather have a cookie or a candy bar?

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Answer by Soul Without A Mate
Hey there,

A peanut Butter cookie for me please.

Best Wishes,

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  1. Nelly says:

    depend on the flavor

  2. Up a creek without a paddle says:

    A snickers bar for me…Yummy

  3. Alfred E Newman™ says:

    candy bar babe ruth

  4. Orcas! says:

    Candy, definitely :-)

  5. →Comrade Bee←[Teenage Dirtbag] says:

    what kind of a question is this!?

  6. puppysyndrome says:

    I don’t like chocolate so I’ll take either an oatmeal or peanut butter cookie thanks!

  7. Hi,I'm MaudeJr TheHappyTroll says:

    Candy Bar for me.

  8. Maritza Arlene says:

    candy bar :)
    cuz i just had a cookie.

  9. TWIGGY2 says:

    I’d prefer a candy bar.

  10. Nimrod 409 says:

    Cookie. Only if it’s homemade though.

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