Poll: Cake vs. Cookies?

Question by Femme Fatale: Poll: Cake vs. Cookies?
I prefer cookies. They are delicious.

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Answer by Hey its Chichi ღ
Cake :)

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  1. JGL FAN says:

    Probably cookies but both are so good!

  2. Bailey says:

    I love both really but I would choose cookies!!

  3. ☮❤♫Muzaana says:

    i prefer vegan cookies only..

  4. Duck 912 says:


  5. Unwanted says:

    well you know subway, they do the hottest cookies ever known, they make cakes look like dead sloths

  6. Forbidden Rosé says:


  7. April says:


  8. Jillian C says:

    neither u make me f**king sick

  9. Edward Zhao says:


  10. ๑۩۞۩๑ Cυρcαкє ๑۩۞۩๑ says:

    Can’t choose.
    Love them both! :)

  11. Lost Legacy says:


  12. ❤MaMa-Chan ❤ says:

    cookies because alot of people make cake extremely moist so it taste like crap

  13. Sparkles_and_cherries says:


  14. FRANCIS H says:

    Cake. Creamy and jammy.

  15. ♥ яєηєє ♥ says:

    Cookies are my favourite…especially chocolate chip! :D

  16. chorle says:

    cookies taste better and keep longer

  17. Soapy_Raindrop says:

    I prefer Cake.

  18. aj says:

    Cookie monster

  19. spacecadet says:

    chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream yum yum!!!!!!

  20. En taro Tassadar says:

    both awesome, but cookies

  21. Hi Haterz =] says:


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