Pokémon Cooking – Pokémon Colorful Cookies (English Subbed)

www.asiafoodrecipe.com After being flooded by so many request by fans to provide a English sub version of Pokemon Cooking, I have finally done it. Enjoy & Have Fun! This video teach you how to make Pokémon Colorful Cookies. Fansubbed Credits VISIT US www.asiafoodrecipe.com LIKE US at http FOLLOW US at twitter.com CONTRIBUTE : Email us at asiafoodrecipe@gmail.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Where to Buy: wanwan.fm mm.wanwan.fm – With this set you can make three chocolate cookies and three regular cookies. There is also pink and blue frosting and ball toppings for these cookies for decoration. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ You can eat this soft cookies. This is chocolate and plain taste. This set comes from grocery store near to my house. ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. OnTubeHero says:


  2. j8r15 says:


  3. DarkAngel63725267 says:

    I love Kapibara-San!

  4. rebecca39171 says:

    i could imagine how much artificial additives and preservatives are in this shit ..

  5. Emily Woo says:

    Do you microwave them? I found one of these at a store…

  6. CrazyCarrotful says:

    @AwesomeLPSRules If you have difficulties, I suggest you watch rrcherrypie’s version of this ^-^ In that video, rrcherrypie added half a bag of cookie powder and mixed it with one scoop of water, and then rrcherrypie added the other half bag of powder into it without adding anymore water and it seemed to work out! Maybe you should try and tell me if it works~! :)

  7. AwesomeLPSRules says:

    Thx it worked this time :D

  8. RickyHippo says:

    You mix it with only one scoop of water and mix it for a long time.

  9. Maria Ines says:

    can u actually EAT all these things u have been doing in video? 0.o

  10. AwesomeLPSRules says:

    Hey Marimo, I need hlp, when i tied this kit, and I aded one scoop ofwater it was really dry, but when added some more water, it was realy sticky, help?

  11. ovihaasivanesan says:

    cane i get these things in Canada

  12. XLilAsianxx says:


  13. thinhtranlv07 says:

    Hey sweetpandaish I speak Vietnamese

  14. Jessica Yang says:

    There was two… :P

  15. courtzissocoollike says:

    wow, at 1:20 the flower goes in yellow and comes out brown, and the rabbit goes in brown and comes out yellow??? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??? dude, your microwaves stuffed :P

  16. sweetpandaish says:

    HAY COOL!! my names kimberly nguyen!!! nguyen is a very popular name in vietnam!!!>_<

  17. quennie woo says:


  18. kimberly nguyen says:

    Haha it’s a Santa kapibarrison

  19. TheDinosaursGoesRawr says:

    this totally beats easy bake

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