Piñata cookie – How to make a cookie

Welcome to my portion of Haniela’s Easter extravaganza In todays video you will learn how to make a working edible candy dispenser, made from cookies & isoma…
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  1. dsb188 says:

    oh my gosh! I’m going to make these for party favors for Easter. How

  2. ladyjaneofdunans says:

    This is positively the most creative and ingenious cookie creation I have
    ever seen. Your work s just stunning!

  3. Michelle Sharma says:

    Marilyn, I’m curious, why you don’t cut the egg first then cut the candy
    dispenser then bake?

  4. Tammy Teo says:

    This is really amazing!!! Love the idea so much!!! I want to give you
    10000000 thumbs up!!!!

  5. Glenda Heyer says:

    Genius! I looove your work. You’re such a perfectionist and that pays off.
    Thanks for sharing your Amazing art.

  6. Nora Mendez says:

    Good idea, is amazing

  7. kschnaus8 says:

    You are amazing!

  8. Fernanda Burnes says:

    i love the idea !!!!!!,

  9. angiesfocus says:

    So creative and super fun!

  10. kimberly Gwee says:


  11. Norin Val says:

    loooovee your AMAZING ideas! i also like watching your video tutorials
    aside from being helpful and informative, it relaxes me plus your
    creativity never ceases to inspire and make me smile. thank you so much for

  12. Kelli Grim says:

    WHAT THE… You are a freaking genius!

  13. HeavensEdge1 says:

    amazing! !! do you sell that cutter??

  14. Jary Joan says:

    hey i love all of your videos i think you doing a wonderful job by helping
    other to learn how to decorate cookies like you an that is a wonderful
    idea… i have a quick question do you use homemade royal icing or do you
    buy it? and if you buy it are you open to share where you buy it from?

  15. jewordsoflife says:

    WOW! You never cease to amaze me! Another Fantastic piece of edible art!!

  16. renatas n says:

    awesome cute!

  17. islandgirls says:

    I love how you are always so creative and innovative. I enjoy and look
    forward to each and every video you post. Thank you so much for sharing
    your wonderful multitude of talents.

  18. Ryoko T says:

    Great idea!!

  19. michele sullivan says:

    Such an awesome idea. They are adorable. Once again, thank you so much for

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