Pillsbury Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

It’s a gluten-free vs. gluten-centric taste-off, pitting Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies against their new, gluten-free counterparts!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Tim Gebruers says:

    Did not see that one coming

  2. magildeny says:

    awesome! it’s rare that a gf product would win over a g full product!

  3. LoonaBimberton says:

    Gluten is stretchy. It traps the gas produced by yeast and forms little
    bubbles and that’s what makes dough rise. It’s very nifty a textural thing.
    If you have celiac disease, you get an auto-immune reaction that destroys
    the villi in your intestines (among other things). It can kill you.
    Nowadays some people are choosing gluten-free diets, but some people have
    celiac or allergies and they don’t have a choice.

  4. wadeboshiverson says:

    why do you do so many gluten free reviews? Not that I mind but you have a
    tendency to do more then your average “taster”

  5. Shane Wilson says:

    It seems that the taste of gluten free products are getting much better. I
    remember a few years ago they tasted terrible.

  6. Byron Capelle says:

    Whooooo! No Bacon!

  7. Dungy Bringus says:

    review mustache edging kits

  8. x. Lisa says:

    “but i uh… believe in freedom” bahaha youre awesome james!

  9. onraj9mm says:


  10. bohnstube says:

    Just can’t help feeling that this just, ohhh, I don’t know…missing
    something. I GOT IT!!! It’s BACON!!! }:-)

  11. Daryl Allen says:

    A butcher near my work was selling bacon snickerdoodles. True story.

  12. Makedonec DoKoska says:

    I was expecting you to eat some bacon with those cookies :D

  13. supertasterdaily says:

    They should be gluten-free CAKE POPS.

  14. AReallyBuffLlama says:

    I missed it I guess. Lol.

  15. thehobknocher says:

    Your body might prefer gluten free too

  16. Jonathan Fleischmann says:

    Do a video without talking with your hands ! I bet you cant do it !

  17. ccstrong says:

    Both of my sisters have Celiac, so I’ve had to experiment with different
    gluten free options for holidays. What I’ve found is that it’s best if you
    don’t attempt to compare the gluten free version of something to the gluten
    filled version. In this case (with the Pillsbury cookies) it worked out
    fine, but generally I liked things a lot better when I didn’t think about
    what was “missing” and just enjoyed the flavors of that particular food.
    Just a thought for future videos. Keep up the good work!

  18. truthvirus says:

    Gluten free products are becoming more popular because people are becoming
    more aware about how large a population are allergic or intolerant of
    gluten. Similar to how dairy free products are more and more available as
    time goes by.

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