Pecan Crescent Cookies

Pecan Crescent Cookies

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  1. Mika Chan Sailor says:

    Kourabiedes!!! that’s how we call these cookies here, everybody makes them
    for the holidays!

  2. Brittany Pagel says:

    My grandmother makes these every year for Christmas. The obly name we have
    ever called the was grandma’s cookies. All 6 grandkids love these!

  3. meDINOSAURR says:

    These were great! Easy to make and tasty. Great with coffee or hot
    chocolate. I’ve also made a batch drizzled with semisweet chocolate instead
    of powdered sugar for another alternative. So good! Thanks! 

  4. Robert Mahar says:

    I can attest to the fact that these are delicious – thanks for letting me
    sample one Liesl! Well done – your grandma would be proud!

  5. TheAristoKrat17 says:

    Yay Liesl! I love your episodes.

  6. Rachel Harlow says:

    I have never made cookies that don’t require granulated sugar or eggs! haha
    I’m making these for Christmas Eve tomorrow I hope they come out as
    adorable as yours!

  7. chepita472 says:

    You don’t necessarily need a standing mixer right? I can still use my hand

  8. Disaya says:

    Great recipe, seems super simple. : )

  9. Anabel Correa Jardines says:

    Sunday’s To do list:

  10. Xijbor says:

    I really wanne put those in my mouth =P

  11. Aya A says:

    you didn’t use Cinnamon and eggs ..but in Ingredients you wrote Cinnamon
    and eggs .. :) ..

  12. KlemzeTV says:

    Something sooo disturbing about the way she talks…

  13. Lauren T says:


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