Peanut Butter Cookie Bites – Gluten Free & Sugar Free

Peanut Butter Cookie Bites - Gluten Free & Sugar Free

These cookies are made from just 3 ingredients. You can make the peanut butter yourself, too. No chemicals, no gluten, no sugar. No added oil or flavorings. …

Get the recipe @ Watch how to make a classic peanut butter cookie. These top-rated coo…
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  1. FoolyLiving says:

    Oh, these are tasty for sure! Every time I make peanut butter, I make some cookies lol.

  2. momwithablog says:

    I want some lol! They look like they would hit the spot lol! I have a big sweet tooth !!

  3. FoolyLiving says:

    Oh yummy! These never last in our house hehe =)

  4. kelsterMcNelster says:

    I made them! I am on phase four and can have them now. Yum

  5. Tonya McVaugh says:

    Thank you! Yum’

  6. FoolyLiving says:

    Gluten free and sugar free has helped not only me, but my husband as well. He’s fit (WHATEVER!) haha. But, he was really having problems with his bowel. He’s feeling so much better now that he’s been off these 2 things for a couple years now. Thank you for subbing =D

  7. Somethingminusme says:

    I need to try this asap. I been trying more gluten free food and I think Its helping with my migraines. Thanks for subbin. I subbed back.

  8. Ineedmorelives says:

    You can make it all yourself. I don’t know what stage you could eat this at though heheh.

  9. kelsterMcNelster says:

    num, num, num..I want some

  10. NaturesFairy says:

    Oh ok 6 hours apart,,,,, OFF to LALA land,,, then up to bake! Have a lovely morning with your Son,,he is so cute! I enjoyed our CHAT,,,, logging off now! ♥

  11. FoolyLiving says:

    Were 6 hours apart. I wouldn’t pay that either!! Not when you can make it yourself even better. Goodnight (Hugs) =)

  12. NaturesFairy says:

    Thanks Hun,, how many Hours are we apart,,,,, its 1:51 AM,,,, still cant sleep!! OK I need to shut this off or otherwise it will be 6 am,,,, and I truly need to make 2 kinds of Bread for myself tomorrow,, ,I refuse to pay what they charge for GF breads when its so simple to make!!! OH BED BRENDA>>>>> BED!! HUGS!!

  13. FoolyLiving says:

    I should know that in my mornings, it is past midnight for you. I hope you rest well. You have a lot of great things going on in your life right now. It must be a nice peaceful feeling to have. I can’t wait to see your new creations! Thanks a lot and sleep well!

  14. NaturesFairy says:

    THX u Hun,,,, I suppose I should go to bed,,, TYPICAL me… its 1:12 am and I’m wide awake,,,,, and I have a busy day tomorrow! YES! I agree What a blessing!! NIGHT,,, Have a great day,,,, hope I can sleep,,, I have 2 types of GF breads I need to bake tomorrow along with my regular things I do to run my house!! SLEEP BRENDA SLEEP!! ;-) Your a great MOM!! HUGS!! Night!!

  15. FoolyLiving says:

    Thank you. We want to go by the end of this year. She does watch my YT channel but we can’t do skype because her internet connection is terrible. She lives out in the woods and cant get any better right now. I’m glad I met you as well. You always have good things to share and to say! What a blessing! =)

  16. NaturesFairy says:

    PART 2: I pray you get the VISA so you can visit your Mom with your adorable Baby,,.,, does she watch ur YT videos? It would be such a great way for her to see ur Son or to use Skype….??? I so relate to the Fear!!! Its not easy!! I’m glad we met,, you are such a shining positive light!! HUGS!!

  17. NaturesFairy says:

    I have never heard of PB Candy!! Sounds Yummy!! Prior to my Son graduating BCT,,, the last time I flew was when I was pregnant with my Daughter (1st Child) and my Mom was dying from Cancer… it was needless to say a very rough time in my life! I associate flying with my Mom passing!! Was it easy for me to get on that JET to see my Son graduate,,, NO!! I still wonder how I did it,, but I was determined! I know this is hard on your Mom! She wants to see her Grandson!! Anxiety stinks!! HUGS!!

  18. Ineedmorelives says:

    You know peanut butter potato candy? I put the xylitol and peanut butter together to make another batch and I almost wanted to just eat that. It tasted just like potato candy. SO yummy. Thanks! I forgot to say that my mother will NOT get on a plane to save her life. She won’t even come to see my new baby! That is fear right there! After the baby gets a Visa, we can go, but its a process.

  19. Maile Alvarado says:

    ou jab the fork into

  20. says:

    Sounds good! Please let us know how the cookies turned out.

  21. Isalovesgym says:

    And I only added 1 stick of butter and not 2 cups of sugar only 1- 1/2

  22. Isalovesgym says:

    Mine are in the oven right now i added chocolate and the batter tastes amazing

  23. shellbela1 says:

    Healthy protein punch is pretty funny! Two sticks of butter and two cups of sugar-yummy cookies but not a “healthy protein snack”

  24. maestrojon says:

    Seems like they’d be too buttery and sweet. Adding salt seems unnecessary too considering the salt content of the peanut butter.

  25. katii3j15 says:

    Its not like your going to eat all the cookies if it has too much sugar or butter.

  26. Christine Tannis says:

    Holy sugar

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