Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cooking with The Vegan Zombie



Peanut butter and jelly has been an American favourite for decades. We’ve taken it out of the sandwich and bunged it into a cookie, resulting in a fantastic …
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  1. aj kayla says:

    ummmm all i have to say is marry me and te amo I need a strong zombie fighter such as yourself to make me wonderful food :-)

  2. mfstarr1 says:

    Lol u kept me entertain

  3. Sarah Gill says:

    is there any sort of substitute for the peanut butter?

  4. arttemizza says:

    awesome cookies!!! they are totally addictive :) imade them with whole weath flour and half the sugar, next time i´ll make them with no sugar at all…. :)

  5. arttemizza says:

    can i use vegetable oil instead of the earth balance thing?

  6. ChocolateSausages says:

    How many cookies does this make?

  7. ZombieGate says:

    Every ingredient we use is vegan, always. They do have vegan chocolate chips.

  8. Kubwa Nanzuri says:

    chocolate morsels (chips) have milk in them use real chocolate

  9. Krystallove69 says:

    Mine came out squishy! Delicious though! I put them in the oven for about 11 minuets should I have left them in longer the next time so they could harden?? Advise???:3

  10. Candy Coatedbeauty says:

    ok so vegan , check, great cook check, funny , check good looking check check … where are these guys around here ?lol

  11. neonballroom93 says:

    I made these today and they are AWESOME! :D I had to use broken up vegan chocolate buttons instead of chips but seriously these cookies are amazing, thank you!

  12. Fabi Tirotto says:

    I’m making these today, i may die in excitement.

  13. coral bryan says:

    so funny,
    soo making them thanks

  14. ZombieGate says:

    Yes, that’s fine. I use it quite often. You still want to add the vanilla though. 

  15. Kram Itupyourbutt says:

    Thoughts on vanilla almond milk? In place of almond milk, and vanilla.

  16. TheKenoboll says:

    It was so ducking delicious! Thanks a ton! :) ))

  17. ladyrhiannon824 says:

    I am getting the distinct impression that you like peanut butter ;)

  18. KyzzMyGritzBish says:


  19. Japansepuppy2481 says:

    Use coconut, canola, or any other oil you have instead. I’m assuming you MAY be able to use applesauce or bananas but I’m not sure.
    Earth balance is pretty much just oil too.

  20. Japansepuppy2481 says:

    I made these twice these week…I think I have a problem ahaha xD.

  21. Shadae caradine says:

    Cant get earthbalance where i live :( 

  22. heroldtoussaint8719 says:

    If u see this zombie u sill going to get that gun and shoot it

  23. habadashery2009 says:

    I made these cookies with whole wheat flower and coconut sap in place of sugar and they were amazing! you turned me into a peanut butter cookie vegan zombie.

  24. ZombieGate says:


  25. HisRealChild says:

    My husband is a total cookie monster and I know these cookies will be halfway gone by tonight.. They are delicious. This is the 4th recipe of yours I have made. Great recipe :)

  26. catlin regan says:

    I think jam is thicker than jelly and that’s why there’s a differance on what you call it but in America there is jelly AND jam

  27. Tiffany Andrews says:

    jam and jelly are different in america, jelly is not as thick and not as easy to spread but jam is thicker and easier to spread in my opinion :)

  28. Yolanda Tan says:

    Sorted can you make chocolate chip cookies?

  29. SORTED Food says:

    If you mean replacing the butter…not sure how it will work but worth giving it a go!

  30. abyssdnb says:

    could you use Almond butter?

  31. christina phan says:

    Spit look

  32. Selam Mussie says:

    The first sorted recipe I made! They were delicious btw! :)

  33. Alissa Sarda says:

    I made these yum! XD

  34. daddysgirltomboy910 says:

    we call it jelly and jam in my house cause my mom calls it jam but its jelly

  35. OTHJobro23 says:

    In America- jelly is what you call jam, any fruit jiggly thing, Jam is fancy jelly made from the fruit it self, and what you call jelly is jello, or gelatin. we just distinguish between the different kind of fruit spreads.
    and as a PB&J lover, it sooo should be grape jelly

  36. Ashleigh Loader says:

    I don’t really know???

  37. Tangasawrus says:

    I call it jam and I’m in the us

  38. Sabrina Baker says:

    Wha? You guys don’t eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?! But they’re delicious!

  39. h06anbjo says:

    Doesn’t Jam have bits of the fruit/berry it’s made of in it and jelly doesn’t???

  40. SORTED Food says:

    You could, they might just have a lighter flavour.

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