Paula Deen’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies

Bake yummy cookies in minutes with a cake mix. Paula Deen is an American cook, restaurateur, writer, and Emmy Award-winning television personality. Paula liv…

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  1. Christian Calderon says:

    You wanna treat?? Yeaayuhh

  2. sexyswag49 says:


  3. Ghouliarochelle says:

    I love her.

  4. acceptanceaustin says:

    stoned. this is my everything.

  5. jacobcrockettjc says:


  6. subtleserveyor says:

    Like for Glozelle

  7. crystalstarization says:

    lol chocolate and dogs do not mix. its fine, the cookies look really good!!!

  8. kade1723 says:

    You want a treat …yeah

  9. Brittany Fraley says:

    Moist cake mix

  10. GlenwattPoly801 says:

    I’m soo gonna try this, they look yummy!

  11. Kelcie Crunk says:

    u guys are just plain rude stop mocking her all she is doing is giving u recipes to foods and all yall think of is her saying yall personally its an insult cuz im from texas and i say yall if u dont like it keep it to urself

  12. Silver Thė Hedgehôg says:


  13. QueenOfHartz3 says:

    Personally I wouldn’t add more powered sugar after they come out if the oven… I have type 1 diabetes so I need to watch my sugar intake… but this looks yummy, I’d eat a few once in a while. :)

  14. MsKTMvalley says:

    Excellent observation professor!

  15. MsKTMvalley says:

    Mmmm yummy :)

  16. MsKTMvalley says:

    Why, were you planning to eat these every week?

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