A delicious cookie that is crunchy on the outside and chewy in the centre :) Ingredients: (makes about 18 cookies) 1 1/2 cups of pancake mix 1 teaspoon of ba… For more information about Dr. Berg’s 3-day intensive program in Alexandria, Virginia, call 703-354-7336. REC…
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  1. Haingo Rampanana says:

    We don’t have pancake mix in Paris :(

    They look gorgeous though! I love your recipes, thanks :) 

  2. OfficialLuke says:


  3. CookingwithKarma says:
  4. Fatma Alsh says:

    Thank you so much 

  5. Welcome To Jen's World says:

    YUM!!! :) 

  6. poolehart says:

    B E A yooodiful! 

  7. Patrick says:

    They look delicious!

  8. Sophie Loves Sparkle ItalianAussie says:

    My goodness those cookies look delicious! They really do look very chewy
    which I always love in a cookie. Great recipe Anna :D 

  9. Danyia Al-Diraa says:

    Yummy! Definitely going to try this! :) 

  10. TIM W says:

    They look good! I’ve heard of cake mix cookies but not these.

  11. Barnali's Kitchen says:

    ohhhh girllll….. you made a very delicious cookies!!

  12. FUN COOKING says:

    Those look very tasty, amazing what you can come up with alternative

  13. Tiffaaanie says:

    how many grams is 1 1/2 cups of pancake mix?

  14. FitAnge S says:

    Oh wow this is different. Love it thank Anna. But of fun with the kiddo! 

  15. graham cosh says:


  16. Valeria Galindo says:

    love them never thought that with pancake mix could be done cookies wow!!!

  17. Ron M says:

    Great idea… I’ll give them a try :) 

  18. greenshut says:

    Thanks for this recipe!! I’ve got 3 big bags of Krusteaz and don’t already
    know what to do with them! I’m gonna try this asap!!

  19. Ariana Magana says:

    do we need to add vanilla extract?

  20. hysonly says:

    Yummmm looks good, have a great weekend Anna :) 

  21. Michele Sharp says:

    I have to try these

  22. Ariana Magana says:

    can we use white sugar instead?

  23. John Foley says:

    No sugar, great. Just add 2 STICKS of butter! Why not 3 sticks? If sugar
    doesn’t kill you, the butter will.

  24. daisy3690 says:

    worth watching just for the bloopers! LLLLLllllll. Thanks and keep em

  25. Mumsy Wumsy says:

    Thank you Dr Berg for including the lovely recipe in the notation below the
    title of the video. Love all the advice and good work that you do. 

  26. CAROLYN PAPPAS says:

    Where can I find the recipe for the cookies?

  27. Wynn H. says:

    Dr. Berg doesn’t look extremely healthy to me. 

  28. Rolando Cordero says:

    Error: Healthiest cookies not found.
    1st, perhaps change 1 cup to quinoa flour (if we talking about making it
    the “healthiest”)
    and really? that was SO much butter! organic or not! Better option. 1 cup
    apple sauce 1 cup coconut oil or Vegan butter.
    lastly how the Heck are you going to use milk chocolate and call that
    healthy -__- Use 100% straight up dark chocolate or cacao powder. You got
    it from trader joes so there were definitely some better options you could
    have went with.
    and for added nutrition, maybe a pinch of flax and nutritional yeast.
    please don’t call things the healthiest in the world. But “Healthier
    cookies- No sugar or Wheat Flour” would definitely had been a nice title 

  29. Crystal Weber says:

    Dr. Berg I have watched about 8 of your videos today! I really appreciate
    ALL the info you give about how our bodies operate & “work”..I feel armed
    with info that most Docs dont take the time to explain to a person. I will
    be going to your website alil later for further research and HOPE! My
    Chicory Root (brand: Just Like Sugar (Table Top)…to use in your recipe???

  30. abcdt says:

    The bloopers, LOL. Did not expect to genuinely laugh hahaha

  31. Angela Beattie says:

    chocolate and butter, far too much fat

  32. November Summer-Song says:

    Omit the butter and use coconut oil and you will have an even HEALTHIER

  33. Jeff James says:

    Thank you very much Dr. Berg. Excellent video and excellent recipes. Please
    keep up this good work.

  34. S Suzuki says:

    How many calories are in each cookie? Thank you.

  35. johnny.w says:

    I like Eric’s vids, about health. This is not a healthy recipe, IMO. A
    couple slices of dessem whole spelt or rye bread-yeah man, gluten and all-
    with almond butter and a few raisins sprinkled on would be much healthier
    for most of us.

  36. Mary Cabello says:

    where is the recipe this is not right

  37. kathy jo tourtois says:

    yum , im so making these ty so much .

  38. Laverne White says:

    How is you going to make cookies and you going in fast motion that’s stupid

  39. mschin008dw says:

    Keto cookies… Thank you so much.. Cannot wait to make them!

  40. Sandra Stevens says:

    I have read that xylitol can cause diarrhea. How can that be healthy? Why
    not switch it out with pure stevia? 

  41. galymathia says:

    Well, it is going too fast to identify the ingredients (especially for
    frenchies, which I am). Thank you for doing another video like the one of
    the healthiest pizza

  42. Sandra Stevens says:

    Almonds flour is very high in omega 6 and thus not that good for baking.
    Why not switch it out with healthy coconut flour?

  43. Pat Cavanaugh says:

    #Ase Vestby … where did you get info on curing diabetes with high-carb,
    low-fat cooked vegan diet?

  44. nicole l says:

    You have the most healthiest cookies and I have pcos and can’t eat a lot of
    those ingredients so how healthy are they really? 

  45. greg armstrong says:

    lol funny video

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