OREO Cookies – Olympics Pride & Joy Cookie Review

I thought I would try the Oreo Pride & Joy Limited Edition Cookies. Support the Canadian Olympic team with the PRIDE & JOY APP prideandjoy2014.ca Ken Domik K…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What happens when Jenna eats NERD cookies? Music by Jason Shaw: Whoopsy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. KBDProductionsTV says:

    OREO Cookies – Olympics Pride & Joy Cookie Review 

  2. nawal10 says:

    I don’t eat them at all -_- lol

  3. GoJoMedia Geoff says:

    chomp & drink!

  4. The Playhouse Pals says:

    I’m a twister =o) 

  5. Kelly Carpenter says:

    GO USA! TEAM USA!!!! :D 

  6. Chuck Norris says:

    I want Oreos right now… 

  7. AHeroAlmost says:

    Sometimes I like to throw them into the milk then fish them out with a
    spoon ! :D 

  8. countroshculla says:

    I love Oreo cookies. I don’t eat them with milk just water on the side,
    although I have tried dunking them in beer! Result – not worth it!

  9. missmojo86 says:

    You’re editing is superb. Keep up the great work. Many greetings from
    Germany! :) 

  10. jjay123 says:

    I really like your jingles that you have in your videos.

  11. canucktunes says:

    These are on sale for a loonie at my local store.

  12. Naoufalitos24 says:

    That’s how i eat my oreo cookie too.

  13. rafael AGUIRRE says:

    I like to both ways either way I still eating it

  14. MinecraftpeJacky says:

    Hey ken can u try the new Mcdonalds fan pack it’s in Calgary so it should
    be in Quebec

  15. Kathryn Beck says:

    Why is Kaelyn the display picture on SSG Channel ?? ( No offence Kaelyn,
    your great :D )

  16. Carli Gilson says:

    You are so offensive! what the heck?!

  17. kyungcho cho says:

    Wow you look no fablouls

  18. Julie Rosared says:

    Jenna- Are u a Nerd?

  19. Hamster Inabubble says:

    i love the key pads! lol

  20. Mproductions13 says:

    love’in the rainbow keys!

  21. kylee white says:

    This is also offensive to people who like math homework or have braces!

  22. Tracy Trinh says:

    I like nerds cause there smart

  23. Gregg Poirier says:

    you look cut as a nerd p s i em a gril 

  24. shivonne bendle says:

    not funny !

  25. Crystal Kaauamo says:

    i am a nerd glasses rule been wearing them since 2 ……………… 7
    years now

  26. princesspeach0 says:

    say mermaid 5 times then post on 3

  27. Scarlet Clamp says:

    Omg hahaha

  28. Mia Hehir says:

    where do you get them keybords from

  29. Krushnang Joshi says:

    The cookies look goood

  30. xoxokeira Nascimento says:


  31. Erica Muschter says:

    1:27 creepy

  32. Angelica Corpuz says:

    you have braces?

  33. David Thompson says:

    cool vidieo

  34. Kate Pickersgill says:

    Something changed after the cookie

  35. michael jeong says:

    This video just stamps stereotypical profiling right on her forehead

  36. Kylie Rocks says:

    0:43 There was only 2 cookies. AWKWARD!

  37. Zoey Phillips says:

    Lol that was so funny

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