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Online Bakers & Home Bakeries – Reda Redding teaches you how to decorate a special Valentine’s Day cookie to sell during the holiday. Learn more at http://Ba…
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How to Make Valentine's Day Cookies

Get the recipe @ It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to make cookies, but it sure is a goo…
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  1. Joseph Wright says:

    Those are monsters! amazing!

  2. Rainbow4569 says:


  3. Reda Redding says:

    Thanks! Yes! There are at least 17 states which allow for a home bakery license. Also, many people do sales for friends and family and do a great business that way.
    Thanks for checking out my video.

  4. memberson says:

    Hello, I think you did a beautiful job on this video. I have a question. Can you make a living doing this type of work from home. Also is a very expensive to get into.

  5. allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question. You could try to add another tablespoon of milk to bring the dough together. It’s best to knead the dough by hand once you mix it together.

  6. pamplemousse20 says:

    Crumbly. Any suggestions

  7. pamplemousse20 says:

    My dough didn’t form firm but was very e

  8. brianna patron says:

    Not bad

  9. HighOffMakeup says:

    Hello. R they not going to teach us how to make the icing?

  10. HighOffMakeup says:

    Yeah. The voice over sucks. Shes talking tooooooooo fast.

  11. Jojo Qudsi says:

    This video is crap please dont do it like this

  12. arakarenina says:

    Old voice, old voice! But cut the unnecessary pouring/shaking/cutting clips, please.

  13. yesi D. says:

    The other voice over sounded way friendly and easier to understand.

  14. jwassyy says:

    What a shit voice over

  15. farrfoura22 says:

    No no no no no i dont like the new voice

  16. BingTheCherry says:

    She’s talking to fast, Bring back the old voice!

  17. BingTheCherry says:

    Hmm not to sure on the new voice.

  18. themarce06040818 says: is 2 sticks of unsalted butter

  19. Brady Strain says:

    Nvrmnd just realized half pound is 1 cup

  20. Brady Strain says:

    One does not simply have a half pound of butter

  21. Daphney Mercury says:

    Or the hands ,_,

  22. Daphney Mercury says:

    I don’t like the voice :( 

  23. Blanca85 says:

    OMG different voice! shock

  24. Osdaly11 says:

    Old voice old voice !!!!!

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