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How Many Dog Cookies Should You Feed Your Dog, Each Day? Master Dog Trainer Adam G. Katz discusses how many dog treats or dog cookies you should feed your dog, each day.
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  1. XxTROLLERSCARZxX Gaming says:

    Actually sir with 0 vids and 2 sub’s that must mean I’m a beast regardless,
    hahhahha someone’s mad ♒

  2. Benjamin Walker says:

    That dog is beyond medicated lmao 

  3. loreleivixen says:

    I think animals ingesting Marijuana is somewhat harmful, impairing they’re
    motor functions due to their small bodies. But studies have shown that dogs
    can be exposed to large amounts of THC without fatality. Blowing smoke in
    their faces however is safe, my dog loves it :) 

  4. Life Is Better When You Relax says:

    Dude, leave the dog alone! Just let it be. It wants to stay in la-la land
    and not be handled.

  5. DaCamponTwee says:

    THC is toxic for dogs. I understand it was an accident but im tired of
    stoners thinking they can get their pets high. Don’t leave pot edibles
    around for your pets sake.

  6. Anthony Schoenkopf says:

    Dogs can’t get high since they don’t have THC (chemical that gets you high)
    receptors in their brain like humans do

  7. BoSHiDef says:

    That dog is stoned. But its so funny.

  8. ron lacanaria says:

    Fucking woman stop moving him around he’s trying to sleep tard

  9. Criss Burns says:

    This is why medication is suppose to be put away out of the reach of
    children or pets. What if that was a child that ate your weed cookies? You
    wouldn’t be laughing then you would be going to jail.

  10. Ron M says:


  11. Shari Key says:

    My rescue pit was beat and forced to inhale pot smoke multiple times and
    I’m left to pick up the pieces and show her that the world isn’t so bad.
    Stop getting your fucking pets high, put your shit up and grow up. Don’t
    own an animal if you think it’s all fine and dandy to get them stoned.

  12. YG Ruben says:

    Doggy is faded lol

  13. SummerGirlxo says:

    Good time to give him a bath

  14. Payton Bonton says:

    Dayumm that dog is faded

  15. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    That’s some funny ass shit haha had me laughing

  16. julian sapp says:

    my dog ate my fucking 40 sack fell asleep and dint wake up for 2 hours

  17. Red price says:

    Next time feed the dog lol

  18. BaltoMovie says:

    THC is toxic to dogs? What the fuck are you talking about? That’s some
    stupid shit as parents telling their kids that “people food” isn’t good for
    dogs, we don’t have that radically different systems.

    Dogs have CB receptors too, hell everything with an evolved nervous system
    does. You can overstimulate these receptors by consuming too much and
    “green out” but there is no toxicity involved and death is impossible to be
    induced by its effects because there are no CB receptors in the midbrain to

  19. Magnus Mahrad says:

    Marijuana is fucking awesome, but wtf man THC is actually toxic for dogs,
    its true!
    well not all dogs but small ones, cause they cant handle the high

  20. Biff Wellington says:

    The sugar is far worse for the dog than the THC. Besides, what else has a
    dog got to look forward to? A 12 year life span? Sniffing ass? Rolling in
    cat shit? It’s not like they have important financial decisions to make or
    have to hold down a job. Weed probably gives them longevity, quality of
    life, a hearty appetite and a shiny coat.

  21. msunpredictable86 says:


  22. Teddi Bear says:

    Da dog is dead

  23. EmceeGeek says:

    The dog said to leave him the fuck alone you fucking up his high

  24. charly345mstlneo says:

    be careful if she has next time lol or she gonna die by eating too much
    weed for her lil body

  25. sean O'Donnell says:

    Lmao I want to be that dog

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