No Bake Sunflower Butter Cookies: Raw Vegan Organic Recipe

Tune in with Jason Wrobel, aka J-Wro, the humorous TV host, celebrity raw chef, and all around awesome guy, as he puts together the most delicious batch of no-bake cookies. These raw, vegan…
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  1. Andrea Standal says:

    Chocolate Chip cookies!!!!!

  2. Kathy F says:

    How much maple and how much coconut?

  3. Abbey K. says:

    Raw oreos please!!!

  4. elzalovecoca says:

    You’re amazing! I like your video)

  5. Helen Cooke says:

    What can I sub the protein powder with? I can’t get the vegan kind where I am, would coconut flour work?

  6. breville says:

    Excellent recipe – looks delicious! We’re really loving your channel!

  7. Maria Rybachkina says:

    Great recipe! ) I like that guy! :3

  8. norahalkefs says:

    Always great stuff,thanks

  9. jadaquai says:

    what happened to your facial hair lol. grow back please lol.

  10. Marcella Smith says:

    I’m raw, so familiar with this Ashley, if you want true raw oats,
    look for ‘hulless’ whole oats, regular oats have been steamed to loosen their hulls for removal. Jaffe Bros. carries organic hulless oats google: Organic HULLESS OATS – 2 LBS for the ‘organicfruitsandnuts’ website (can’t post URLs).

  11. Honey Rose says:

    YUMM can’t wait to try these = )

  12. latahaf says:

    MOCK me some MOUNDS candy plEAse. I miss mounds. Oh oh oh. And do it with white chocholate if you aint to skeeered that is !! Challenge ON !!))

  13. tigergreg8 says:

    The only value it could serve is, we can check to make sure he trimmed his nose hairs. And….. I really don’t want to do that. )

  14. shauwn Knight says:

    Sweet, Brings a tear to my eye, these sounds So good!

  15. Alison LeBrun says:

    YES and yes!

  16. Ashley Kinzer says:

    Those cookies look great, but I didn’t think that rolled oats are raw?

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