No Bake Cookies Recipe (Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter)

My son wanted me to make some of these today so I thought I’d record. I love these chocolate peanut butter oatmeal no baked cookies! Not only are they quick and easy but you don’t even have to turn on an oven. If you like the chocolate and peanut butter combination, then you will adore these! Be sure to use the 1-minute quick cooking oats and store in an air tight container to keep them soft. Get Recipe: Music by Kevin MacLeod

These are wonderful, quick cookies. It is very important not to boil them for longer than a minute. These cookies set-up very quickly. For the printed recipe, please visit
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  1. Candeezy220 says:

    I made these today! And i gave them to the kids at a local day care they loved it!!!! :D Especially the peanut butter flavor!!

  2. BunnyCutiePie says:

    its on her website

  3. BouncyBeccaaa says:

    Half a cup

  4. TheSheilot says:

    its two stick butters and even though i like the way she or he make it but it was so amazing and doesn’t it looks delicious

  5. yeslek444 says:

    Haha, my sister and I made them and decided a much better name was Wads lol

  6. BaBiiBo0L3xxi3 says:

    1/2 cup

  7. LunaLovegood4411 says:

    Do you have to use oats?

  8. nicoleguadalupe says:

    These came out good for me thanks for the recipe!!

  9. OiiMWh says:

    How much is 1 stick butter

  10. PiNKxL0V3 says:

    I tried making these but they never turn out for me :-( they always end up sticky and mushy…like the fully don’t harden up or something…I tried putting in the fridge but it didn’t work. Am i doing something wrong? I love these cookies! I made them once and they turned out great but my other attempts they never turn out.

  11. AmuletAnime says:

    can I alternate the parchment paper with aluminum foil?

  12. rebornlovergirl1 says:

    how much sugar, milk ,oatmeal, butter, coco powder and peanut butter do i use????

  13. yaffith101 says:

    Instead of oatmeal you can used ground up walnuts, there healthy and delicious!

  14. yaffith101 says:

    I think you can substitute oatmeal with ground up walnuts, it taste good and healthy!

  15. maria malik says:

    Do you have to use the oatmeal?

  16. TheSweetSunshine27 says:

    Does it have to be white sugar? I only have & can use brown… Will that affect the recipe by much?

  17. skittlemaster15 says:

    these cookies are good but i get really thirsty after eating them :(

  18. pandas4evr123197 says:

    I’ve had these before :)  Yum!

  19. ROKCOApp says:

    Great recipe. I was looking for cookies like this. I also watched your other recipes and they are great. Thank you for posting them.

  20. russgabrielleh1000 says:

    the real deal….. smile

  21. John Wilkerson says:

    these are awesome….thank you

  22. bernadette hiñola says:

    yey~ now i can do something about the plain oatmeal that my mother never touched. :) ) thanks!

  23. Jamyn11 says:

    Hi! what alternatives can i use because we don’t have any non-stick spray can i just pour it without putting anything?

  24. Ninikitty79 says:

    I havent made this in so long i forgot thanks and i made me with nutella. Yummy

  25. sissiegurl says:


  26. leahverycute says:

    Deliciouse! I just tried the one that I made

  27. MsFreestuffz says:

    It’s too sweet x( Other than that, it’s good

  28. MsFreestuffz says:

    Finished making them :) I’m gonna wait for 30 min!! Hope they taste good!! :D thx!M

  29. wiwa116 says:

    then how much sugar do you recommand ??

  30. akilla214u2c says:

    Forget the cookies. This blonde is sexy! I wanna see the full view of her? Can I eat the cookies off her flat stomach…. Whew, she’s hot!

  31. aaronjordan010388 says:

    ^_^ thanks for this recipe too god bless

  32. aaronjordan010388 says:

    i made this! 2 cups of sugar and its too sweet.. have to decrease amount of sugar next time ive done this again

  33. usafireandrescue says:

    Hi! Thanks for watching. You can leave out the peanut butter. I did this before, accidentally, and it turned out fine. Hope you will like this. Hugs…

  34. LoveeeYouuBabesssz says:


  35. corvus13 says:

    You can also just lay spoonfuls of the recipe out on a waxed-paper lined cookie sheet and spread them out in circles, instead of putting them into a dish and slicing them.

  36. unclejackbassmaster says:

    i love how she uses the shot glass as a measuring spoon

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