NO BAKE COOKIES RECIPE! 3rd day of Christmas

NO BAKE COOKIES RECIPE! 3rd day of Christmas

Extraordinarily delightful no bake cookies! Welcome to day 3 of my 5 days of Christmas Chocolates! Ingredients: 4 cups quick cooking oats 2 cups sugar 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup butter 4 tbs cocoa powder 1 tbs vanilla How to make no bake cookies recipe “my chef greg” no bake cookie recipe days of christmas cookies how to make homemade from scratch. Chocolate Baking Food Cooking Milk Kitchen Cake Rain Eating Candy Chips Sugar “Home Made” quaker brand quick cooking oats chocolate chips vanilla
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  1. James Trabert says:

    That was cool when he bit the cookie then put it back.

  2. MyChefGreg says:

    ohh haha well thank you sir ^_^

  3. bowsercrushmario says:

    No, I’m full on homo for your voice /tehe

  4. MyChefGreg says:

    you are calling my voice a homo?

  5. bowsercrushmario says:

    Omg. I love your voice! (homo)

  6. MyChefGreg says:

    Oh man… well I honestly have no idea! I never thought about what you could sub it with…
    You cant really taste the oatmeal that much though. You could possible try maybe granola or something like that?

  7. BeautyQueen2410 says:

    Do u have to use oatmeal I hate the taste of it

  8. MyChefGreg says:

    ahhhahaha i love you. and thanks!!!

  9. KittyDreadful says:

    Seriously, I subbed simply off of the intro song… The recipe looks awesome though. XD

  10. jessicadomo says:

    Lol mine as a lot of juice

  11. Keyareuhs2 says:

    Greg. Marry me.

  12. MyChefGreg says:

    I do! my name is the same as it is here ^_^

  13. loveLoveLiveLaugh says:

    do u have a fb like page?? and i got to try this

  14. MyChefGreg says:

    The best thing about making your own foods is controlling what goes in there. ^_^

  15. MyChefGreg says:

    LMAO!  Hun try this recipe! YOU CAN DO IT!!!lol

  16. cheri7495 says:

    Now I am starving. Come cook for me. :) 

  17. MyChefGreg says:

    You know it!!

  18. msisabellasophia says:

    Ahhhh TARA! she’s the best cook in the world!-love izzy-3

  19. MyChefGreg says:

    awww i love ya!

  20. MELTMYMUFFIN says:

    mmmm i love no bakes! and your videos! merrry christmas!

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