No-Bake Cookies and 4 Year Old Canned Corn.wmv

Hey yall I thought I’d make some no-bake cookies on the grill and show yall a jar of corn I have had for about 4-5 years. It is still good and has that sweet…

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  1. smokingrannyiam says:

    This is not a freakshow. They do work hard. There is no shame in honest
    hard work. The shame is to hold your hand out for a welfare check when one
    is able or could get a job but they are too rotten stinking lazy to work.
    I once knew a lady who is gone now but she told me that she was on the
    church committee to investigate those who came to her church looking for a
    handout. She went to investigate a family who had some land and a home.
    She told them that everyone was poor in those days that they should work
    and grow themselves some food and not be a burden on their family and
    neighbors. They had a jug of moonshine on the shelf in the pantry off the
    kitchen. She also told them to sell the moonshine and use that money to
    buy some food. She also told me about a thief she caught stealing her sweet
    corn from her garden. She was home alone but was gutsy enough to stick her
    hand in her apron pocket and tell the man to put that corn on her porch or
    she would blow his head off. She didn’t even have a gun in her pocket but
    the thief sure thought she did and put the corn down and got gone fast.

  2. Misty Prepper says:

    @MichiganTNP I am sure you could, they are very easy and you can coconut,
    ans nuts and several different things… Misty

  3. Misty Prepper says:

    @unomas58 LOL Maybe you should make some, they are so easy,.,

  4. DeathToAllHamsters says:

    @mmlrc6atgmailcom i could send the money with the bread cutter next month :)

  5. JubeeBijou says:

    I learned how to make these in home ec class back in high school. I LOVE
    these cookies. Unfortunately, I can’t make them anymore because I have a
    child with a peanut allergy.

  6. DeathToAllHamsters says:

    @mmlrc6atgmailcom i might need to make a paypal account just to get that
    book hehe :) they look that good hehe :D

  7. Red Tankgirl says:

    mmm, I’m gonna make me some of those tomorrow.So Misty, for the lady,
    Taleulah, not being able to have peanut butter any longer.She could grind
    herself up some sunflower seed butter or get sesame butter (tahini) and
    because they are seeds instead of nuts, they should be fine.They’ll have a
    different flavour a bit, but they sould give the sweet treat and the chewy
    texture without having to use nuts.

  8. Misty Prepper says:

    @homesteadprepper YOu are welcome, I am glad you enjoy them….God Bless
    you and your family also!!!

  9. Misty Prepper says:

    @DeathToAllHamsters Sounds like a deal…Then I will send you the cook
    book. You need to email me your address so I can go to the post office and
    see how much shipping is…If I were rich I would send it to for
    free…..Thank you I think you will like it, I use it all the time….

  10. Misty Prepper says:

    @docsimonson Thank you I spent my fare share of thime there to growing

  11. mhpgardener says:

    Fresh cookies and ice cold goats milk…sounds like a plan to me ! ;-)

  12. josh viking says:

    found your vids today and watched a bunch of em, after work later watched
    more…you are awesome!!! thanks mountainman and missy very much for making
    the vids!!!

  13. wabidancer says:

    oooooo what about trying marshmallow cream…or Nutella. Possibilities are

  14. out2gtme says:

    I ate a can of 10 year old greens. taste fresh!

  15. truenorth64 says:

    I just love you guys your awesome!!!

  16. Misty Prepper says:

    Thank you!~

  17. Chant Tremblay says:

    u do have an amazing spirit,,

  18. Misty Prepper says:

    @TheMultiGunMan Well I am glad I was the one to remind you of them, You are
    so welcome….:-)

  19. Santanajust says:

    My mother used to make something close to this and called them Ding Dongs.
    She also put in nuts and coconut and they were so yummy.

  20. Misty Prepper says:

    @out2gtme I believe it….Thanks!

  21. Misty Prepper says:

    @mrbr549 Oh they were Yummmmm!!!!!

  22. Misty Prepper says:

    @lastgameplay Thank you so very much!!!

  23. Ihold8stars says:

    Making these for desert tonight Thanks for sharing =)

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