No Bake Chocolate PB Oat & Crispy Cookies!! Noreen’s Kitchen

Greetings! Today I am sharing with you a great no bake recipe! These cookies are awesome using pantry staples and thrown together quickly so that you can enj…

Remember eating your moms No bake cookies during the summer? well these little tasty cookies will bring back lots of great memories.
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  1. Noreens Kitchen says:

    No bake chocolate PB Oat & Crispy cookies! Made with PB & Co’s Crunch Time!

  2. Peanut Butter & Co. says:

    These look phenomenal Noreen! We love the addition of chocolate chips to
    these. Thanks for using our peanut butter :) 

  3. nanigrlz says:

    Hey Noreen, I just wanted to say thank you, I won the weekly prize in the
    Crock-Pot seasonings contest. I would never have been to that site, if it
    weren’t for voting for you. So thank you, and yes I’ve been voting daily!!
    Good luck!!

  4. Debbie Holland says:

    Can you use splenda intead of sugar? I cook for a diabetic.

  5. mataypar4 says:

    I bought a bottle of chocolate extract because I never seen it before. I am
    so glad you posted a recipe with it in it. YAY, can’t wait to try it out.

  6. savgal1211 says:

    Noreen’s Channel!! Making subs drool since….

  7. annette rumley says:

    I made these this past weekend and they were so good. But they were rich I
    think next time I’m going to use the instant oats rather than the regular
    oats. It just seemed like it was taking a long time for them to set up. But
    they were really good

  8. Lyn Edwards says:

    I used cashews and white choc chips….

  9. Janie Dee says:

    PB and Co. Also make a white chocolate peanut butter. Oh that would be good
    with white chocolate and dried apricots, cherries or cranberries. Thanks as
    always for sharing. If I wanted to use almond butter, do you think maybe I
    should add a little more butter? Or just less almond butter? It seems a
    little stiffer than PB, never non baked or baked with almond butter before.
    Thanks again! God Bless You and Yours

  10. maybeeme says:


  11. CommonSenseGrandma says:

    OOOO, that’s a lot of good things going on there. To be honest, I added
    this to watch later, I’m going on the title and description, but I do want
    to be able to find this when I need it, like when I get some peanut butter.
    Sounds delicious though, I’ll have to try this with my daughter, who often
    decides at 10:00pm to make cookies, she’s 15 so it’s okay for her to bake,
    and we do enjoy watching your, and Bev’s, videos for recipe ideas. 

  12. Cami Richardson says:

    I look forward to watching each of your videos! You’re so upbeat and
    friendly I love our little visits! Love recipes too … thank you for

  13. Lisa Mbarak says:

    mmmmm yum…

  14. HattieLovesCattie says:

    I didn’t have these growing up but they’re also called ” No bake cookies ”
    and are heavenly!!!!! I’ve not had them with rice krispies tho.My Food Lion
    has the choc and the p b ones,its so hard at times to walk past it and not
    buy them!!!Noreen,those cookies are to die for.You can’t eat just one!!!!! :) As for the PB & Co.,I have been in their shop in Manhattan ( my two
    daughters live in NYC ),its a cute shop.

  15. Jen K says:

    Noreen, do you find chocolate extract to truly impart a better flavoring to
    chocolatey things? I’ve been eyeballing it for a while.

  16. Short Grub says: both are sooo funny with “poor coconut”…and how Rick snuck
    his fingers in and commented a cup minus a pinch
    hheheheheh…BWAAAAA….Your family is AWSOME thanks for keeping it real
    and yeppers you are still getting my vote !

  17. Truly Kristan says:

    Hi Noreen! I was wondering if this would work if I replaced the sugar with
    stevia? Thanks. =)

  18. Sara Griffith says:

    better known as Preacher Cookies

  19. Adam Hummel says:

    When is the next channel update gunna b? It seems like it’s been a while
    and in my opinion I think we’d both benefit from having one weekly because
    then u wouldn’t have to cover so much stuff and it would b shorter and
    because idk I want one weekly! Thanks :) 

  20. Cynthia Franco says:

    Yummy I think I made something like this before but without the chocolate
    chips. I will have to try it your way this coming weekend.

  21. Derrick Jones says:

    YES!!! No bake…

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