Nigella Lawson:Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies: Express

Cookies you and your friends will love! That’s a promise.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. djrawsomeness17 says:

    @firelilysparkles ME 2!!

  2. LimeGreenWolf says:

    I wish I had a friend like her! Your boyfriend broke up with you? Come over! I’ll make you something with loads of chocolate. :D

  3. FuzzyFTW says:


  4. firelilysparkles says:

    I actually found Nigella because of the book Wicked and Sweet (thought she was fake until I saw an article of her in Time Magazine) and her recipes are amazing!!

  5. Francisco Solis says:

    Damn, just made these and they spread A LOT. And I mean A LOT. Line them separated by about 2 inches.

  6. Francisco Solis says:

    Me too! She has done many tv commercials for Twinings. I think of her everytime I take Twinings’ English Brekfast lol

  7. Francisco Solis says:

    She looks hot for any age

  8. Judy Wu says:

    haha i’m from her class and in your class ^-^

  9. Weixin Ding says:

    if anyone from ms hamiltons class sees this, hi

  10. CurLealea says:

    Lmfao…”Sprint to the fridge…the only exercise you’ll see me taking..” Ahhh got to love Nigella. She is so beautiful inside and out! Such a gorgeous woman :) 

  11. ShanellePersaudMUA says:

    I used 125g dark chocolate to be melted and 350g chocolate chips but I would believe you can adjust the amount of chips to your liking.

  12. MrShadowmist18 says:

    How much chocolate did you put in to be melted and how much choc chips did you use?

  13. SolangeLOLable says:

    I fucking love PG tips

  14. ShanellePersaudMUA says:

    made these and theyre bloody delicious!

  15. OliverHackett says:

    Coldplay and Nigella Lawson, awesome.

    Also, I wish my friends would get over their problems as easily with these cookies as Nigella’s friends would. Haha.

  16. xsarabearx1 says:

    haha i understadn lol im American and the only one i understood was teaspoon xD

  17. rags015 says:

    The song is ”I’ll try to fix you” by ColdPlay!! She drinks PG Tips!!??!! I thought she drank Twinings!!

  18. FioriSama says:


  19. charcoster says:

    Its funny how she fakes the story of her friend crying in order to bake her cookies :p

  20. cloudybears says:

    this would be great for that one time in the month ! the whole batch would be gone !

  21. Airi Serizawa says:

    This woman is very gorgeous !
    She doesnt look like her age ^^
    I watched her on Cuisine TV when I was in Collège ( I’m 20 now )
    It seem that the time not passed over her face. Still beautifull ^^

  22. joel mason says:

    1:23 i didn’t pay for these

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