Napoleon Total War – EPIC Darthmod Russian Campaign part 1: Waking up the Giant.

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  1. ColdMeat247 says:

    Like my new Channel Banner?

  2. ColdMeat247 says:

    Part 2 will be released in 50 mins!

  3. ColdMeat247 says:

    Now it’s EPIC!

  4. Shadowygaming says:

    what is the maximum number of trade ships you can have at a trade spot and
    still have it profitable?

  5. Eric Sell says:

    I think in order to have 40 units you need to load a “saved” campaign they
    put in specifically w/ 40 unit armies.

  6. Erskine Lothrop says:

    didn’t you already upload 2 parts?? did you start over???

  7. SynDProjectFan says:

    Nice video coldmeat

  8. Alex The Rambler! says:

    Lead the Russians to victory Coldmeat!

  9. HamburgerStrike says:

    Yuhuuu epicness coming soon!

  10. Vitor Emanuel Oliveira says:

    One more google plus follower mr +ColdMeat247 

  11. darthsurya88 says:

    I think you can also trade with Portugal

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