MTS Whey NEW Cookies and Cream plus Peanut Butter Review

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Yaaay a new one! Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Baba Lu says:

    Are you gonna try the new MTS Caramel Sutra? :D D

  2. Cranberry Muffinman says:

    Peanutbutter fluff should be renamed Vanilla Disappointment with water
    anyways never tryed it with milk dont got the macro room. Love the
    chocolate got to get me some that Cookies & Cream. I will say i made a
    protein cheesecake with peanutbutter fluff and it was GAF

  3. PlanesTrainsAutos says:

    Consider getting the MTS Nutrition Macrolution MRP. It’ll help meet your
    macro’s, hit your meals, especially since you don’t like to eat, and it
    tastes almost exactly the same as the MTS chocolate protein and greens +
    multi put into 1 convenient scoop… 

  4. Neby Moges says:

    At 3:36 I thought she said “it taste like your dick in Oreo in milk”

  5. Javier Lopez says:

    I agree with her man, the chocolate is pretty bad. The vanilla is miles
    ahead of the chocolate. 

  6. Joey Garza says:

    lol liked for the “idgaf” to your girl 

  7. heavy lifting movement says:

    That btch needa clean 

  8. James Previte says:

    I can’t believe your girl thinks the cellucor peanutbutter marshmallow is
    better than the MTS haha..I have a tub of it now and it’ll probably never
    end up getting finished haha..not a fan of the chemical aftertaste of the

  9. Victor Hatziefstratiou says:

    Can we get a day of eating video?

  10. mrgregkeefer100 says:

    I love MTS products. Milk with your protein powder? Only baby calfs should
    drink milk. Doctors are now finding out that many diseases have been linked
    to using milk. Stick with almond milk.

  11. Steezy Beats says:

    its yummy like if you tied this

  12. Kawaii Madi says:

    How long do you preheat your oven ?

  13. haneen fallous says:

    Can I use a normal oven

  14. Margarita Juarez says:

    Were do u get the easy bake oven

  15. Mehak Kukreja says:

    How many mins.????

  16. Miroslava Carlin says:

    I tried it but it’s too dry and crumbly

  17. Xitlalic Barba says:

    Yea sofen

  18. Milagros Rodriguez says:
  19. Kawaii Bakery 77 says:

    OMG I tried this and it tasted so good!! Thanks for making the video.

  20. Cherlea BestFriends says:

    More more more

  21. Marie sarr says:

    Can it be nuit t

  22. LoneWolf says:

    Guys, she’s not doing Easy Bake Oven anymore. She’s mature and a
    professional baker.

  23. maikiana says:

    How many mins

  24. Brenna Shafer says:

    Ammount of each?

  25. jocelyn gomez says:

    Way do you take fast

  26. Smalworlds cheats you should know says:

    love easy bake oven

  27. Yuridia Torres says:

    SHUT UP!!

  28. bearlikestocraft says:

    She has posted easy bake oven videos lone wolf

  29. Saher-Roshni Thaver says:

    From toys r us or target or some store like Walmart

  30. Tieler Adams says:

    Please make a homemade video about chocolate cookies

  31. Cassandra Moore says:

    When i get an easy bake im gonna try the Récipe :-) 

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