Mother’s Day Lemon Cookies

A quick and easy last minute Mother’s Day gift for the Mommies in your play group, your best friend, your sister or cousin…you get the picture. Happy Mothe…

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  1. Kindercrafty says:

    Hahaha…it must have been good editing because my oven is actually dirty ;}

  2. Kindercrafty says:

    Wow…all the way from Australia…thank you…and Happy Mother’s Day to
    you too!

  3. TheGreenAppleHome says:

    YES! my mama and mother in law love lemon!! nice song too! Hope your
    Mother’s day was awesome!

  4. TheBabybound says:

    Yummy! Your little guy is so cute.

  5. Kindercrafty says:

    Thanks…the singer…Mindy Gledhill has a Christian album that you might
    love…that’s how I originally found her…look for her on iTunes…you’ll
    probably want to download a song or two ;) Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

  6. sable747 says:

    Love the lyrics to this song! :)

  7. Kindercrafty says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you’re going to add it to your favorites. It was a new
    recipe for me…my husband loves lemon anything…it’s getting a permanent
    spit in my recipe binder :)

  8. LauraBellaX . says:

    yum! they look so delicious and so easy! will definately be trying these.
    thanks so much for the great recipe and happy mothers day to you from
    australia! xx

  9. Jennifer Moore says:

    Nice video…sweet music, easy to follow instructions and yummy cookies –
    who could ask for anything more?? Will have to this video to my favourites
    to bake these cookies with my children in the near future. Enjoy mother’s

  10. Kindercrafty says:

    Hahaha…you’re too funny! My husband ate half of the cookie jar last
    night…he loves anything lemon ;)

  11. Kindercrafty says:

    Hahaha…so funny

  12. klumklum86 says:

    looks delicious! ill be making then next week…. btw, your oven looks very
    clean! we have a new oven and have been avoiding using it because i don’t
    want to get it dirty…. can you make. video on how you keep it clean?o get

  13. DoItOnaDime says:

    So yummy! I will have to try this! Happy Mother’s Day!

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