Mexican Wedding Cakes Recipe Demonstration –

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Mexican Wedding Cakes. …

  1. Vero Yorkie says:

    When I made these years ago I would place a cookie, one at a time, inside a ‘zip lock’ bag filled with confectionary sugar and gently rolled them around untill they were coated with the sugar… it worked out very well …I then removed them with a fork and placed them on “small (mini) baking cups” (Cup cake paper cups) directly to cool the rest of the way.
    They look so pretty and are ready to serve or package for gift giving!

  2. debbiegonzalez87 says:

    Can u make a crumb cake plz and u r awesome

  3. Teri Fly says:

    What a lovely student. Say, gimme a few years and let me be your teacher just so I can hear that lovely nickname fill the room.

  4. Nate Lawrence says:

    I wonder what happens when one switches the amounts of confectioner’s sugar and flour…

    Sadly, probably a sticky mess.

  5. JoyofBaking1 says:

    I don’t really have a preference. It depends more on my mood which one I make.

  6. irenenergy says:

    Do you like these or melting moments better?

  7. JoyofBaking1 says:

    They can be frozen for a month or two.

  8. skategirl92296 says:

    can u freeze this cookies an how long

  9. Jojo Abd says:

    Thank you so much for delicious

  10. Karla Rocha says:

    Haha butter balls lol I call my teacher butter balls
    true story bro xD

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