Meanwhile in Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[FUll]

Meanwhile in Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[FUll]

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  1. Soluchi [Short Films, Dance Videos, Vines, Reaction & Advice Videos] says:

    And we know the driver is a girl because?

  2. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    They had to mute out all the screaming, honking, and Russian swear words.

  3. Neceros says:

    That was an accident, right?

  4. Andre Vandal says:

    Parking with style

  5. UPlayNetwork says:

    The chances of such an amazing parking are the same as getting hit by

  6. PaveLowExpert says:

    Was she auditioning for a new Olympic sport?

  7. chucholetsm8one says:

    You know she shit her self.

  8. MRb says:

    Justing Beiber gone Wild on Russia

  9. wickkidda says:

    its like when a girl plays you in video games and beats you by just mashing

  10. Nadia Lynch says:

    Da, Da!!! I remember I got A+ in Russian class,as long I show up for

  11. cornholio777 says:

    Wow crazy Russian…not bad for a girl swerving while drunk on vodka

  12. MrQZWarrior says:


  13. Lizard Lab says:

    She is facing the wrong way though 

  14. Bill Talker says:

    No way that’s a girl driving

  15. Árpád Tamás Márton says:

    Russian style #2

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