Martha Stewart – Baking Butter Cookies with Renée Fleming

Renée Fleming appeared on Martha Stewarts show today (12/18/09) to “bake” Christmas cookies. She didn’t sing!
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The recipe for the world famous (or at least amongst former CPS students) cafeteria butter cookies. I’ve been making these for the past couple of years since I found the recipe and they are just as good as I remember. The most important part is the butter – make sure to let it soften naturally. If you soften it in the microwave, it will make the cookie harder than it should be. **NOTE: The video shows 4 sticks of butter because I was making a double batch. Stick to the amounts listed in the video and you’ll be set. I found the recipe here (useful if you want a printed version): Good luck baking!

  1. zahoor ahmad says:

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  2. 19ChristinaBarrett86 says:


  3. LaCelestia says:

    How special…

  4. Rjs81187 says:

    I went to same school as renee

  5. alsingnice says:


  6. dollyInDaHouze says:


  7. LaTripper says:

    they both seem so bored! thumbs down!

  8. 1hot1cold says:

    There was NOT a recipe ant the end of the vidio ? Also your a chef and you cook out of a toaster oven ?

  9. Jaimie Appleton says:

    2:10 Holy product placement, Batman!

  10. va5el1ne says:

    @zekonja24 thank you hahaha

  11. 1lovemocha says:

    Go Back To Jail Martha!!! These did NOT work out and had to quickly turn the damn things into thumbprint cookies. Oh, and I had to go out and buy pecan pieces because of the Spritz-turned-thumbprint cookie invention!!!!! Damn you woman…
    Merry xmas to anybody not related to Martha Stewart..

  12. ame6603 says:

    Spritz is the German word for “injection”. Sometimes I think Martha isn’t a very smart cookie.

  13. justsing333 says:

    I agree with Damnblastify, Renee is a different fach. Also, you left Lucia Popp off your list.

  14. mrmarziam says:

    thank you

  15. Treas0007 says:

    @melaniamertenze-thanks for that! :) )

  16. fidigum says:

    she looks so nervous!

  17. mgblue says:

    she doesnt give a **** about the cooking

  18. queendiva1968 says:

    Your cookie may have been flat because your butter was too soft. If you refrigerate the batter for 20 mins before placing in the oven or combine cold butter and the remainder of the ingredients in a food process as opposed to a mixing bowl and hand mixer. Hope that helps

  19. SexiiRed123 says:

    so what is missing? do u know cuz i would like to know

  20. 19427265 says:

    to double this recipe, do I simply double all the ingredients?

  21. hhhhiiiillll says:

    good stuff !!!!!!

  22. Tmidiman says:

    This recipe is missing several ingredients to make the true Chicago school cookie. What’s is here is a basic (I mean BASIC) butter cookie recipe. It will be an alright cookie, but if you had the other ingredients you would say,”OMG, that’s why it tasted the way it did!” This recipe should be good, but the real recipe is addicting.

  23. kqqte1 says:

    Thank you for this short and simple How to.Can’t wait to try; will bake for someone who loves them. Now I won’t buy them, I’ll just bake them. Judging from your comments, they will be good.

  24. Genasis144 says:

    Dulles I meant to say….LOL you can also add other extracts for different flavors!

  25. Genasis144 says:

    Ok, I searched high and low for this recipe. I made it exactly as listed and when I tasted them, it was like being in Dulled Elementary School in 1983! LOL…recipe is super easy to follow. Side note people, if you want them soft, put them in a ziploc bag with a piece of white bread for about 24 hours…..OMG, these things will get you in trouble….LOL, I’ve already made them about 5 times, just found the recipe last month….LOL

  26. IntoThaBlu093 says:

    *sigh* brings back memories at grammar school

  27. LifeBeginsAtWhat says:

    Oh my goosh! I grew up in Chicago and I remember paying .10 or .15 per cookie back then and these were the bomb!!! I use to make them when I was a kid and forgot the recipe, I wanted to bake them for my family. You have brought back some fond memories. I can not wait to make these again. Thanks for sharing!

  28. CainmosniMirrored says:

    1 pound of butter? This might taste good but it is extremely bad for you.

  29. AnimeLeader says:

    @ashcorps The ingredients were right but the flour amount was wrong. Defensive reasoning doesn’t work all the time. Everything was fine except the amount of flour. As in the word of Bell Hooks, “Criticism is fine as long as it’s balanced.”

  30. ashcorps says:

    I would make sure you used the right amount of butter (2 sticks per batch), thats the only thing I can think of that would flatten them out.

  31. ashcorps says:

    The only amount that is shown out of proportion is the butter. Follow the measurements listed in the video for the correct amounts (2 sticks flour/ 2/3 cup sugar / 2 cups + 2 tablespoons of flour / 2 teaspoons vanilla) for a single batch.

  32. ashcorps says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. The first time I made them myself it took me back to grade school.

  33. ashcorps says:

    I haven’t found that to be the case. It is a very specific recipe so a small shift in the ingredients can lead to a cookie that is less then perfect.

  34. ashcorps says:

    I’ve made it both ways and haven’t had too much variance in taste, but it could be a personal preference.

  35. ashcorps says:

    I was making a double batch when I made the video. The single batch recipe is only 2 sticks. The recipe called out in subtitles at the beginning of the video are the correct amounts for a single batch.

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