Manga Review: The ‘Fruits Basket’ Series

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jady Li says:

    I like legit, get so flipping nostalgic every time I hear the name fruits
    basket or see any part in the show.

  2. adrastea2 says:

    I also read the manga after seeing the anime. the latter is much more cute
    as the darker parts come latter on in the story line. I did enjoy meeting
    all the characters and how they all had different problems and views on
    life. If you have any manga to recommend please do.

  3. Jean M says:

    That’s exactly how I felt! You’ll have to, if you enjoyed the series you’ll
    love the manga, so many new zodiacs and awesome character development as
    well as some surprising plot twists. Unfortunately the theme tune from the
    show doesn’t play every time you open a manga but that is all it lacks (I
    love that little opening).

  4. Ariel Bissett says:

    I just recently decided to start watching anime and randomly decided to
    watch Fruits Basket first and OHMYGOD LIFE CHANGER. I was so blown away! At
    first I was taken away by more minor things like the nice characters, the
    art, the cuteness of the zodiacs. But then, as it progressed, I was just
    utterly blown away by the themes and the character back stories.
    Unbelievably well crafted, and even tragic. I will definitely be picking up
    the manga soooon to see where the story goes!

  5. Jean M says:

    I can’t imagine if I’d had to wait for those last couple of volumes being
    released at the time, I went through them in so few days :) . It does it
    always makes me want to be a little better, Tohru is so wonderful. I may
    have to read it one day in the future.

  6. abhishekh14 says:

    also is it better to watch the dubbed version or one with subtitles?

  7. Kasapamese says:

    Maybe you could do a video about manga specific terms like shojo, hentai
    etc. i’m sure some people would appreciate it

  8. Harry Roberts says:

    Really refreshing to see more people in ‘booktube’ bringing manga and anime
    into its folds. :) Very nice review, i have only read the first 4 chapters
    of fruits basket. I really need to get around to reading more of it.

  9. Jean M says:

    My all time favourite manga (that I’ve completed) is Inuyasha. Love that
    little dog demon. If you haven’t read it I’d highly highly recommend it!

  10. Derek McDow says:

    Are you into movie anime or TV series anime? My brother could tell you
    about almost every anime that’s ever been made in the last 20 years. He is
    insanely obsessed. As for me, I’ve just seen a few dozen anime movies. Have
    you seen Paprika–I love that one! :)

  11. Bek Winters says:

    Fruits Basket is one of my favourite animes and one of the first I ever
    read as well. I wish they continued the TV Show because the books were so
    so amazing. This review is great! :)

  12. Pearl Brisbane says:

    Shigure is not Yuki`s uncle he is his cousin.

  13. Jean M says:

    I hope more people start picking it up and reviewing manga, I have been
    enjoying watching your manga and anime videos recently :) . I don’t think
    people realise how much it has to offer. You do! It quite honestly gets
    better and better with each volume/chapter :) .

  14. Jean M says:

    Me too, Kyo was my favourite! Although Momiji was close on his tail :) .

  15. Amy T says:

    I’ve seen the tv show (LOVED) and have been thinking about buying the
    mangas. Now I definitely think I will!

  16. loquaciousreaders says:

    Glad you enjoyed Furuba! (x I’m actually re-reading it at the moment.(:

  17. Ariel Bissett says:

    HA. I’m so glad you said that because I would savour the theme song every
    time it played and, not even a lie, I have watched a youtube video of it
    like 50 times. It’s just so cute and lovely!

  18. Marie Liberty says:

    It’s a sign. I just finish them.

  19. fantasticmagical says:


  20. Jean M says:

    Haha what a coincidence, I still can’t quite believe how things unravelled!

  21. Jean M says:

    It is originally a book series but was made into a tv series, the series
    only covers about the first quarter of the material in the books. I watched
    the dubbed version of the show and it was still fantastic :) but I no some
    people prefer watching the original.

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