Making Polvorones aka Mexican Wedding Cookies

Polvorones are small cookies made from flour, lard and rich red wine. There’s some sugar and cinnamon in the mix, too, but the main ingredients are the lard, the flour and the wine. Isabel Mournian describes how to form the “polvorone,” rolling the dough into a ball between the palms of the hands, then poking a dimple in the center “because that’s the way they do it.” The dimple in the center has another purpose: making the cookie into a shape that will cook evenly throughout. The cinnamon and the wine give the polvorone its distinctive flavor. Then, to add to the allure of these little gems, they are taken out of the oven and immediately rolled in a mixture of granulated or powdered sugar and fresh ground cinnamon. Ahhh, what a taste! The polvorone falls apart in your mouth and the taste lingers in the air. Great for weddings, and for Christmas.
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Internet Managing Editor Elizabeth Reeds steps away from the computer to bake a special treat for the WNWO Today crew

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  1. vkitche1 says:

    She is so cute! God bless her, she reminds me of my Momma :0) I miss my Momma….

  2. datgirl40 says:

    Please post more videos of your mom she is so beautiful!

  3. datgirl40 says:

    Oh my gosh I just fell in love with her…she is so cute.

  4. InternetRock says:

    Love this video! OMG! She is so adorable. Post more videos of her.

  5. Anthony Mournian says:

    I enjoy the video each time I watch it, and she’s my mom! ‘ My grandson and I have made about 1,000 of these little devils, and they are ALL GONE. They are worse than potato chips. You can’t eat just one.

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