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The biggest boy band to hit the scene since N’Sync just got even sweeter! With the premiere of their movie One Direction: This Is Us (on Friday Aug. 30) the …
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  1. Camilla Vieyra says:


  2. cait lyn says:

    OMG THE END ” I was saving that Harry Styles for Tyler Oakly” OMG LOL

  3. Sugar Rush says:

    Love them!

  4. Jade Monterroso says:

    aaaahhhh louis
    by the way louis i love carrots

  5. Erin Wenrich says:

    Sorry Tyler you snoos you loose

  6. Klara Klakk says:

    if you are a true DIRECTIONER you know that Louis is sick and tired of the
    carrot thin :-* But lovely cookies its sweet <3

  7. Yoanda Lopez says:


  8. sophia harrison says:

    It’s Zayn not zayne

  9. Binika Gurung says:

    I’ll make liam I luv hm

  10. Amy Vaughn says:

    i love Zayn and his stripe is blond not white but i love a DIRECTION my
    b-day coming up and i ask for everything one direction even the purfume

  11. Dahlia Fabregat says:

    louis hand down the best person ever luv u baby

  12. bekyta4321 says:

    Actually…. Louis didn’t like carrots actually he hate them but he love
    girls who ate carrots:)

  13. Desiree Black says:

    I love 1d and harry and I love the new movie

  14. LIZARELI05 says:

    can you make some

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