Low Fat Oatmeal Cookies – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Recipe: www.healthyveganrecipes.net These low fat oatmeal cookies are oil free, and can actually easily be made virtually fat free as well by leaving out the coconut. This is a special treat for you and for me. Well, for Phil too if I let him have some… And check out www.healthyeatingstartshere.com for the free ’7 Secrets For Shaping Up Your Healthy Eating Habits’.
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These Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are low in fat and have less than 100 calories. You’ll love how the plump Sunsweet Raisins make these cookies really unique.
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  1. healthyvegan says:

    yup, you can use quick oats, and no don’t need to soak them first :) 

  2. pinkiedoll27 says:

    Can I use quick oats instead? If so do I still need to mix it with water first? Thanks Heather! I looked everywhere for no oil treats and I think this is it! :)

  3. sussamiaa says:

    I made these today and they are so good!

  4. healthyvegan says:

    sure, any other type of flour should work – they’re not too complex :) you can even just grind up some rolled oats (if you’re ok with them – some gluten-intolerance is also sensitive to oats) to make flour, in a blender or coffee grinder

  5. Marndemarn says:

    Hi Heather! Great recipe, but I do have a question…for a more gluten-free option, is there anything I could use instead of whole wheat flour? Thank you!

  6. healthyvegan says:

    yup, honey isn’t vegan, but this recipe is very flexible and will work with pretty much any sweetener :)

  7. desertrose277 says:

    hello! i was wondering, could i add a few tbsps of honey instead of brown sugar? i dont mind a gooey consistency..

  8. vegananimalobsession says:

    thank you so much. as always!

  9. healthyvegan says:

    you don’t need the cinnamon – just adds a bit of flavor :)

  10. someone0807 says:

    Hi. Do you have to add cinnamon? What difference does it make?

  11. Violka1987 says:

    Awww this si soo nice, definitely gonna give it a go! Looks like a healthier option.

  12. thugricanz says:

    I’m going to try this! I will let you all know how it went. :P

  13. GloriousNonsense says:

    Gonna try this!

  14. healthyvegan says:

    My pleasure, I’m happy that you enjoy watching! Have fun with the cookies

  15. healthyvegan says:

    hope you have fun with them!

  16. healthyvegan says:

    @Revolusi The great thing about these cookies is that they’re so quick to make too! yay for weekends!! Phil & I had some for Hallowe’en – I added a bit of hemp protein powder to this batch, and they were awesome! A long way from Hallowe’en candy…

  17. Livna2707 says:

    Hi Heather ! Thanks for sharing all these recipes and the beautiful landscapes. I will try these as they are healthy thank you! Have a nice day.

  18. idloveadrink says:

    low fat doesn’t necessarily mean good for you…..look at all that sugar!!!! aii aii aii definitely defeats the purpose of a ‘healthy snack’……

  19. nvsslv says:

    how can i substitute argo baking powder, mozola oil, corn syrup? Can i use olive oil?

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