Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies : Day 18 Trailer Park Christmas 2012

Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies : Day 18 Of Trailer Park Christmas 2012 Join Jolene inside The Trailer Park Test Kitchen as she whips up a tasty Cookie with Lemon Extract, Cornmeal and Raisins! These fancy cookies with a crinkle top will look great on the Buffet table and have such a bright flavor! Change out the Raisins to Cranberries or another Fruit mixture if you like! Cream Cheese, Corn Meal and a Medley of Dried Fruit make these Cookies a real Winner! So easy to make using Lemon Extract! I hope you get a chance to make them, and if you do, send pictures! See you tomorrow! Love, Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen There won’t be a certain time that the video will be up each day, it’s hard enough to do 25 days.. so bear with us at The Trailer Park! Don’t forget to follow The Trailer Park On Twitter : www.twitter.com Add The Trailer Park On Google + Follow Jolene on Pinterest for Fun Trailer Budget Tips www.Pinterest.com Add Jolene as a friend on FaceBook : Caution I post pictures of my cat! www.FaceBook.com Subscribe for more Cooking Shows youtube.com
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MaryJose's Recipe: Lemon's Cookies Part2

The happiness to share with you healthy, tasting and easy recipe. For the list of ingredients visit the site: www.chef-mary.com We are waiting for your comments and suggestions maryjose.recipe@gmail.com
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  1. inggiemax says:

    hm if i was to trade out the raisins i would replace them with blueberries

  2. iluvdaizeys says:

    Dried pineapple! :) love your vids

  3. 333DFG says:

    They look yummy. Shame I don’t have a oven.

  4. fable3si says:

    Lol ‘…you can’t eat meat…I don’t know if you know that…’

  5. Melianthy Ciputra says:

    I tried it just now and it’s done! thank you for the recipe. :) this will be great xmas snacks and gifts. :)

  6. Lara Von Der Meer says:

    aww!! Are they the sweetest couple ever!?!?

  7. pepeYjuana says:

    I like that cookie cutter.  It makes cute cookies :)

  8. 12012hydOWNM says:

    That looks very good!! thanks you for posting the video
    I will try them!!

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