Lemon Cookies

Lemon Cookies

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make lemon jello cookies out of polymer clay. You can just alter the color of the jello to make it strawberry jello cookies…

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  1. Creationsofstuff says:

    What type of yellow did you use??

  2. GentlemanBunny says:

    Yay =)!

  3. malica hamilton says:

    made this today thanks

  4. heyemma3 says:

    Too easy!!!! Cute!!

  5. Syaz Eliot says:

    Awesome! Looks like REAL!

  6. Arlene Styles says:

    super cute they look easy to make:D

  7. SweetCharms says:

    I think she used translucent yellow:)

  8. GentlemanBunny says:


  9. Jasmine Padilla says:

    Oh I want to eat.  :o

  10. SuperMegaSong2000 says:


  11. CalloBerry says:

    So cute

  12. xxxDeepxBluexxx says:

    Wow, okay! Um, thanks for all the replies. ^^

  13. MollyRWhite says:

    translucent yellow clay 

  14. Elise Newen says:

    Is the yellow translucent yellow?

  15. LittleMissCupcake06 says:

    it looks so real…

  16. GentlemanBunny says:

    Thanks :)

  17. yourockplusme says:

    love your videos :-)

  18. CottonCloudCharms says:

    @LPSProductionsFans Glazing does not make it transparent

  19. CottonCloudCharms says:

    @xxxDeepxBluexxx ether mixed yellow and translucent or Fimo translucent yellow

  20. 2ne1wuver21 says:

    Can I use this for a contest entry? I’ll credit you ^^

  21. GentlemanBunny says:

    Lovely =)

  22. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    i was there from november 2012 until march 2013. hmmm there are ghettos around a lot of places. there are scarier places here in SD in my opinion! some peple just can’t stand norfolk. it was ok to me!

  23. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    did i ever write back? RX8

  24. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    i looovve macaroons!

  25. telecasterbear says:

    i just finished a package of the frosted lemon cookies yesterday. the taste was ok but the consistancy was not to my liking. i like crispy cookies and i like soft cookies. these were soft but crumbly, not moist. i am enjoying the macaroons that i also bought very much.

  26. Mary Loves Makeup77 says:

    I hate when companies do that too! McDLT…..ahhhh, heart attack heaven….;-)

  27. ReverseCycoIogy says:

    Hi. How long were you in Norfolk, how was your life there, and is it true the base and surroundings there are ghetto? Ty.

  28. BoostedPj says:

    @plasmaspeedos great vid!!!! but wht kind of car r u in?? looks pretty dope

  29. Jake0007 says:

    She found them on her base in San Diego. Just answering in case she doesn’t.

  30. MadisonMakeupMiss says:

    where did you get them?

  31. reisday says:

    I am the same way.. I hate when some companies stop making products but you love them!! And they say they took it away (most of the time) because it wasn’t popular.. but that doesn’t matter. Because it was your obsession. And it hurts. lol. Glad you found your cookies again!!

  32. adamsTRAVIS says:

    you are always so funny to watch. you’re just so hyper. I can’t wait to leave for basic in jan. It’s so far away it’s killing me

  33. Kitch3ntoolz says:

    My mom buys the archway lemon cookies :) I think she gets them at stop and shop (giant is same company) there soo goood!

  34. Haillee Tribe says:

    I never ate those but Im going to look for them in the stores .

  35. milamaus32 says:

    I remember the lemon cookies

  36. Christchelle21 says:

    Looks yummy! :-) 

  37. MyPinkRainbow says:

    i am old class of 83 and i also miss the stouffers ham and asperagus bake , holy crap it is my fav food in the whole world , and they dont make it any more , and i live near the stouffer plant and it blows , i miss it… why do companys do that to us ??? i write also , but to no avail
    luv you andrea your such a sweet heart !!

  38. MyPinkRainbow says:

    i luv those cookies ,heck i luv all archway cookies

  39. MissBarnesy7 says:

    I barely remember them…and now i need to try them again! Ahhh! =) Oh and you and Jeovanni’s (<–not sure if that’s the right spelling) Vines crack me up! Did he delete his account? =(

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