Koulourakia Greek Cookies

How to make Koulourakia the traditional Greek Cookie by Ya Ya Irene
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“Greek Cookies” …Today Helen shows us how she makes Delicious Greek Cookies. These delicious cookies are great with coffee, milk and every occaision ! Very easy to make and you will be amazed how rich & moist they are !
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. IriniLoveLotus says:

    Thanks to yiayia Eirini, Irini in Melbourne made the best koulourakia me ta duo tis ta herakia! I just added some cream as an extra, they were the real deal my Aunt confirmed at Greek Easter! I wish the video kept going so I could hear more of her singing in the kitchen, loved it! Efharisto!

  2. philsworld22 says:

    i agree there is something you need a lot more flour then she says and try the self raising flour

  3. rkesisy says:

    I disagree…i made these cookies and followed along to …My spouse is Armenian and he theses cookies ..but the dough was just awful…not a good recipe in my opinion….i bake alot and i feel that there was an ingredient left out…:(

  4. mekotsonis says:

    Ya Ya Irene projects so much sweetness, not just her koulourakia, which I think will be delicious.

  5. suzybeezy says:

    I just made these, followed along with Irene’s instructions and they came out perfect!!!!

  6. helengiannis says:

    I have never heard of koulourakia with ouzo Paximadia yes but no koulourakia.
    Wasnt she adorable????

  7. helengiannis says:

    Dear Yiayia Irene. Nas eisastai panta kala!!!!!!!!!! Mou thimisate tin manoula mou kai tin theia mou. Eisai adorable!!! “me ta dio herakia platho koulouraki”
    how wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! You made me remember how much I love my culture.
    Eleni Giannis

  8. bargata says:

    Thanks so much YiaYia Irene! Loved your video.

  9. BryceRaiff says:

    Thanks so much for this video! My husband and I went to a Greek Festival this weekend and he loved these cookies. I plan on making this recipe soon! Thank you so much! 

  10. eglepride09 says:

    What no ouzo!?!? what an adorable YiaYia though

  11. AnnaK40 says:

    euxaristo Yia Yia Irini….

  12. MarevaBlackfield says:

    ok koulouria are way different than kourabiedes :)
    that ring shaped you referred to is a koulouri,traditional as well.but kourabiedes are way dif.

  13. arkasas1 says:

    kai tou xronou me agaph kai ygeia  nase kala ,giagia eisai foveri .kalh xronia !!!!!

  14. girliegirl99 says:

    Yia Yia Irene is precious! Thanks so much for posting this – wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

  15. speedstick77 says:

    This woman is absolutely priceless! Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. womanbread says:

    Hi – I’m wondering if anyone can help me. There’s a Greek ring-shaped butter cookie with sesame seeds (and sometimes almonds were added in) that my grandmother used to make when we were kids, that she always referred to as something that sounded like ‘kloothia’ or ‘kloothya.’ I doubt that’s the spelling of it – is it ‘koulouria’ or ‘kourabiedes’ or ‘koulourakie’ the word that she meant? And is it pronounced ‘kloothya’? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  17. livezakynthos says:

    Sprinkle with sesame seeds and you get traditional paximadi! :)  Hope you like our video too

  18. Hal2pointooh says:

    I miss my YiaYia Thanks!!

  19. CDFriedman says:

    I’ve made koulourakia’s since I was a kid and now I make them with my children. I love how she makes them by melting the butter and kneading it all together. The only thing different I do different is I add about 1 Tblsp of brandy. YUM. Thanks Yaya Irene!

  20. speedstick77 says:

    This is the most priceless video. Thank you for sharing. I grew up with these cookies. As kids we shortened the name to “rocks”. As she said, they were sprinkled with sesame seeds. Anise flavor was substituted for vanilla in my family. be careful! Anise extyract is very strong.

  21. cabaretstar12 says:

    This is a wonderful video. I lost my recipe that was given to me by the mother of one of my Greek students in Astoria many years ago. Thanks so much! These are my favorite cookies of all time. They go with everything and last a long time. I once ate nothing but these over a 4th of July weekend back in the 80′s~! Opa!

  22. adriennekayxox says:

    my yaya taught me how to make them too! there are very good!

  23. PhoenixAnnie says:

    I did this recipe and my kids loved them. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with all of us. Your wonderful.

  24. maemou says:

    she said 5lbs of flour that’s 1 bag of flour.

  25. shazdove says:

    Thank you Hellen, I love these biscuits and would like to have a go at making them myself so thanks for showing me how easy it is

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