Kinder Surprise Toy Surprise Eggs Easter Baskets & Cookie Monster Eating Chocolate Surprise Eggs

Let’s find out what surprise toys are inside 2 Kinder Surprise toy surprise eggs Happy Easter baskets! And there are no cookies to eat & Cookie Monster Count…
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  1. Chloe Rattle says:

    Surging because I like sudway surfer s

  2. steven mancia says:

    Is the egg edible !!

  3. Daniel Busuttil says:


  4. abbey neal says:

    Water slides

  5. graziela mateus says:


  6. Ginger Dug says:

    Water slides are EPIC!

  7. FluffyJetProductions says:


  8. TheMarkowicz says:

    Cool ;) ……………..

  9. Cottoncandycorner says:


  10. TheMarkowicz says:

    Cool :) …..

  11. Paul Tinsley says:

    water slides

  12. KBDGamesTV says:

    Surfing :D

  13. FluffyJetProductions says:

    Cool….thanks for watching Fishman09

  14. Selam Afework says:


  15. FluffyJetProductions says:

    Thanks very much surprise toy collections, yes the tiny eggs are super
    delicious :)

  16. CandyToyJunction says:

    The small eggs are so cute :)

  17. FluffyJetProductions says:

    Thank you!

  18. FluffyJetProductions says:

    usubodbuoe :P

  19. FluffyJetProductions says:

    Thank you!

  20. FluffyJetProductions says:

    The bars are super tasty, very sweet though very nice! Thanks for the
    comment as always GoJo :-)

  21. Manu Pagsuyuin says:


  22. FluffyJetProductions says:

    Yay, GO water slides!

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