Kids Cook: How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies From Our Food Network Kitchen!

Chocolate Chip Cookies bring out the inner child in all of us. Whether you’re looking to relive those childhood memories or ceate new ones, this simple, fun …
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A special foodie episode in which Emily Graslie and Emma (and, to a far lesser extent, Mike) teach you how to bake simple and delicious chocolate chip cookie…

  1. monkeybull445 says:

    His methodology was terrible. But he’s a kid and ADORABLE!

  2. MsRandomnotes1 says:

    baking powder & baking soda? never tried that before w/this recipe?

  3. Panda Sweets says:

    she/hes so CUTE!!!!

  4. Jessie Erickson says:

    ADORABLE but why say um every 2 ingredients?

  5. sailorgenisage says:

    the kid’s cooking terms needs improvement.

  6. the ocelot says:

    I tried it and it actually worked! Thanks!!1

  7. elements806 says:

    I did this and burnt down my house and lost my right arm. I’ll be seeing
    you fuckers in court.

  8. soni marmar says:


  9. caimen64 says:


  10. Madison Brunk says:

    I think you should do an episode on healthy meals that only use a microwave
    and fridge. We don’t have an oven in my on-campus apartment which cancels
    out a lot of options.

  11. AsexyJaye says:

    I like to make pistachio and caramel chip cookies.

  12. Iain Snow says:

    So many strange American things in this video.

  13. Margaret Moon says:

    Man, I wish I had splurged for the smell-o-vision feature. 

  14. Simalacrum says:

    I would encourage everybody NOT to use the Nestlé brand products shown in
    this video. Nestlé are a HORRIBLE company, with a long track record for
    disregarding the environment and human rights. As well as its famous baby
    milk formula controversy, Nestlé has been accused on multiple occasions of
    privatising vital water supplies and selling it back to communities that
    relied on that water, reckless deforestation of the Amazon for palm tree
    oil, and even child slave labour.

    To Emily and the rest of the How To Adult team, while I thoroughly enjoy
    both your works and will continue to watch your videos and share/promote
    your educational content to my friends, I thoroughly disapprove of your
    promotion of Nestlé products (regardless of whether you were paid to
    promote them or not), and would strongly encourage you to avoid the use of
    Nestlé products in the future.

  15. WhiteAsianGurl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Emily and Emma look exactly the same?

  16. AndreaMGC says:

    This adult has been howed 

  17. Sierra Silver says:

    Don’t forget!!! If you buy salted butter only like I do, make sure to tone
    down the salt, or just don’t add it at all.

  18. Noah Leigh says:

    Nice video! Could’ve used a more stable picture though. I’m guessing there
    wasn’t enough room in the tiny kitchen for a tripod?

  19. Raph Doval-Santos says:

    Oh Emily! You are awesome indeed.

  20. GreaterBookWyrm says:

    Tips and tricks from the bakery!
    When you freeze your dough, freeze it in the shape of a tube, slightly
    smaller around than you want your cookies to be. That way, when you pull it
    out of the freezer, instead of using a scoop or spoon, you can use a knife,
    and just slice off cookie bits. This allows for more even cookies and a
    better eyeballing of the space you want, or need. : )
    Happy baking! 

  21. Blaine Meakin says:

    I did this but with pot butter i made everyone loved the cookies and they
    got us high as f

  22. Danielle Christensen says:

    if you take the cookies out after they start to puff up all big and bang
    the pan then put them back in, you can get air bubbles out, and they will
    cook more evenly. :) You can even do as someone suggested below and take
    the cookies out a little early so the head from the pan finishes the job,
    and just bang the pan then. :)

    Didn’t know about the Molasses + white sugar to make brown sugar. Love it!

  23. Benjamin U says:

    I like this chanel alot but this video kinda misses the purpose of teaching
    people stuff they mabye did’t knew but probaply realy need as soon as they
    move out…

  24. AmallieGames says:

    I’ve been getting more into baking lately, I think it’s time for cookies!
    My favorites to make are banana nut bread (mostly just because of how happy
    it makes my boyfriend) and zucchini cheese bread (delicious toasted with
    cream cheese on top!). Thanks for the inspiration, you guys!

  25. MyOddMusings42 says:

    As a quick tip, they sort of addressed this in the video, but if you get a
    basic cookie dough (or brownie or cupcake, etc.) recipe, you can add pretty
    much anything to it. Chocolate chips, nuts, I’ve even heard of adding a
    little chili pepper or hot sauce to brownies because spice and chocolate
    actually go well together. Be creative. :) 

  26. Marie Soullier says:

    I found this awhile ago and it is amazing. It’s an experiment/guide for
    making cookies with slightly different ingredients to get them to be
    crisper, or chewier, or fluffier, or thinner, or more gooey, etc.
    Super handy if you wanna invite a special someone over and make their fav
    kind of cookies. ;) 

  27. TheEdnar83 says:

    Ok, a cooking tip from Euroland: Swedish chocolate cake

    100 grams of butter or margerine (0.2 pounds or 3.5 ounses)
    2 eggs
    2,5 desiliters of sugar (1 cup)
    1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar
    4-5 tablespoons of dark chocolate powder
    2dl of wheat flour (about 8/10ths of a cup)

    Preheat your oven to 175 degrees celcius (347 fahrenheit)

    Melt the butter/margerine. Mix the sugar and eggs in a bowl untill the
    mixture is nice and fluffy (electric mixer is your friend here). Add in the
    vanilla sugar, flour, chocolate powder and finally the butter. Keep mixing
    gently with a spatula throughout adding these ingredients.

    Pour mixture into a buttered cake tin (preferably to one with detachable
    sides). Bake for 20min.

    Top and sides of the cake will be nice and baked, but the middle is left a
    bit runny. This is normal and part of the recipe. Enjoy with some vanilla
    sauce or ice cream and berries.

  28. GopherTheNuts says:

    Good video. But it would have been better if the camera didn’t shake around
    so much and zoom in and out randomly. I’ll admit, it makes the video more
    dynamic, but it also makes it harder to see what’s actually going on.

  29. Jason Corfman says:

    Here is a simple but absolutely delicious (albeit calorie-heavy)
    made-from-scratch brownie-like recipe.

    Dump Bars

    1 3/4 cup flour
    2 cups sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup cocoa
    5 eggs
    1 cup vegetable oil
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    2 cups chocolate chips (divided)
    1/2 cup (at least) of peanut butter (optional)

    “Dump” all ingredients in a bowl (except for half of the chocolate chips)
    and mix by hand just until well combined. Spread in greased 9×13 dish.
    Sprinkle remaining chocolate chips on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 32-37
    minutes. One side note, the peanut butter is my own addition, but I’ve
    never bothered to measure how much I’ve used. I can safely say 1/2 cup is a
    minimum amount I’ve used when I’ve used peanut butter.

  30. Lawrence Bader says:

    4:59 They make such a cute couple (if in fact they were a couple)

  31. HennyMusgrove says:

    My favorite cookie baking tip is to take the cookies out of the oven before
    they’re fully cooked, about the time when the middle it still a tad doughy.
    Pull them out of the oven and leave them on the cookie sheet for a couple
    of minutes. The heat from the sheet will finish the job and you don’t risk
    accidentally making crispy hard cookies of doom. They tend to taste fresh
    longer this way too. Also the longer you stir, the more fluffy they’ll be,
    so if you’ve got the time, before you put the chips in, give yourself a bit
    of an arm work-out. It’s fun! 

  32. thisisnancybot says:

    Everyone should get a copy of “Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen” When they
    move out on their own. Tons of great beginner recipes inside, including a
    chocolate chip cookie recipe similar to this. 

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