Kelly Rutherford on OpenSky: My Exclusive Eleni’s Holiday Cookies

Kelly Rutherford on OpenSky: My Exclusive Eleni's Holiday Cookies

Kelly Rutherford and Eleni of Eleni’s Bakery talk about their favorite cookies for the holiday season.
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While demonstrating recipes for simple sugar cookies and royal icing, Amy Wisniewski of the CHOW Test Kitchen shares a few helpful tips that’ll help keep you…
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  1. Fã Clube Selena Gomez Brasil says:

    Kelly Rutherford is so amazing. I love her. SO MUCH! xoxo Brazil.

  2. Mason Wesley says:

    these turned out really hard and the frosting had no flavor:(

  3. CHOW says:

    Want to bake and decorate Christmas sugar cookies but not sure where to
    start? Amy from our Test Kitchen walks through the basics in this episode
    of the Easiest Way.

  4. Delphine Channel says:

    It has an age limit.. I’m 16 years old, I think I’m old enough to see
    Christmas cookies just saying

  5. WhiteTrashSexFox says:

    Is it okay to use a regular hand mixer instead of the fancy one used in the
    video? I’m on a very tight budget for Christmas and there’s no way I could
    afford one of those lol. Almost every cookie video I see on YouTube uses
    one, and its just not an option this year

  6. Maria Orozco says:

    my favorite cookie will be a candy can blue and purple that’s the color I

  7. Douglas K says:

    You are amazing good job

  8. Narita Byy says:

    Thanks so much I’m a fifth grader and on Tuesday my class is having shared
    lunch and this just made my day.

  9. Danica Ng says:

    Oh my gosh!! it worked! thanks! :D 

  10. Dee Brunton says:

    Put the recipe in writing on the screen first so we can pause and write it
    down with added instrutctions so we can follow while watching.

  11. Kim H says:

    Can you use baking soda instead of baking powder? 

  12. reem nasser says:

    why is it age-restricted?!

  13. Sarah Jane says:

    how they always assume everyone has a mixer like that…. -.-

  14. Emma Chui says:

    i was wondering if the icing is going to melt or get smushed? because i
    want to bring these to school in a box and i dont wanna mess them up :////

  15. Brydan Lim says:

    How in the world is baking age restricted? 

  16. Nitya Pediredla says:

    really awesome !!!!!!!!!! mainly i loved your icing recipe ! :p

  17. jezreel noir says:

    thanks for this!

  18. brandon salgado says:

    These were so YUMMY i want MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD

  19. George Haddad says:

    Thanks so much! I’m making these now.. I’m going to add some colors on the
    Christmas Eve dinner table :) !

  20. zehi lita says:

    Thanks, my friends and family loved the cookies:)

  21. Liz Quintana says:


  22. Indigo Armstrong says:

    Its christmas time and i know some of you guys are busy shopping so here’s
    a quick vid on simple christmas cookies!:)

  23. brandon salgado says:

    THANKS FOR TEACHING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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