Japanese Cookies CM

cute commercial for japanese cookies.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. memine1154 says:

    I want. It

  2. Sensei Dai says:

    saku…saku 0:06

  3. silverkittyrose says:

    me too

  4. 0babybunny says:

    I was just eating those :OO

  5. sakuramankai94 says:

    such a corny pun in the grammar but oh so cute~

  6. Emily Quist says:

    i love these

  7. Mariel Tish says:

    what did i just watch…?

  8. SomeoneTotalyCrazy says:

    these are the best thing i can get from tesco!! crappy england.. i wanna live in japan!! ^3^!!

  9. Yuki Pearl says:

    omg i love these cookies

  10. AVRILkates says:

    saku sakuuu… waaaaaa soooo cute CX

  11. AVRILkates says:

    saku sakuuu… waaaaaa soooo cute X3

  12. sytnaltalove says:


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