japanese cookie tasting

this video is actually a little old sorry if I’m lazy with the videos anyways the 1st cookie I tasted was called “Maid in Tokyo maid cookie milk&maple flavor” and even though I was out of milk flavor (gee everyone likes the milk ones for some reason) I tasted the maple flavor and do you know what I have to say it is DELICIOUS! for just being a plain maple cookie oh my god it was one of the most tastiest and most flavorful cookie I ever had! and that’s no lie! I really hate to compare but this cookie is better then the American ones I tasted! and the second one was called “konata no choco corno fu cookie” or here’s my rough translation of the cookie in English “konata’s chocolate cornet cookie” I admit I was bit paranoid to taste it cause you see I have a severe peanut allergy and I was kind of taking a risk to taste it but no reaction thank god. anyways its not as tasty as the first cookie but it was pretty good if your trying to find a cornet this is the best substitute I never tasted one before but still. it has a bit of a crunchy and semi mushy texture when you bite it down. if you go to Tokyo or somehow get these cookies in another way you won’t regret tasting it!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. floopyhiggle says:


  2. JesusLikeBread says:

    fuck his voice
    fuck my life

  3. ps3animalfunds says:

    This guy man. You might make fun of him but he is having a happy good life. 

  4. SahajSoldier says:

    Maid cookies made by maids that make cookies!

  5. BaronXS says:

    That’s a damn good cookie.

  6. Firestorm13r says:

    A very special cookie for a very special boy.

  7. gracehall47 says:

    oh dear i will be your friend :c

  8. taperolls says:

    nuc mam dat hoe

  9. Kevin Jung says:

    I was not expecting the guy to look like this. I was picturing a weird looking white kid

  10. AwesomeMissNic says:

    KJ Sisco? o.O

  11. JJHulaOfficial says:

    damn now I’m hungry!!!!

  12. Scarjaka says:

    at around 1:55
    I couldn’t eat a cookie like that either brah, I know what your friend’s getting at. The other ones I would though.

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