Italian Thumbprint Cookies ~ Gluten Free

Italian Thumbprint Cookies ~ Gluten Free For a Printed copy of this Recipe:…
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  1. Jennifer Hall says:

    these look awesome! 

  2. NaturesFairy says:

    Thank you so much Anna.. I just uploaded the video,, I will add a link to
    your Video in my description! My Son was thrilled I made them,,both my
    Husband and Son said Are these GF? They said they tasted just like my old
    Wheat Recipe! YAY!! :)

  3. NaturesFairy says:

    I got the original recipe when I took HomeEc in High School,.,., these are
    my Favorite Christmas Cookie… I was so happy that I was able to convert
    them to Gluten Free! HUGS!!

  4. EZGlutenFree says:

    These look great Brenda. Thanks so much for always sharing your goodies.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. EZGlutenFree says:

    I tried to reply a minute ago but I think the comment got lost in
    cyberspace so if you get a double comment you know what happened. I’d love
    it if you added you pizzelle recipe as a VR. I’m all for anything that
    helps get these recipes to the public. Happy Baking! Oh and I’m making a
    batch of pizzelles over the weekend too. I just love them :)

  6. Celtic Crow says:

    My Aunts make these cookies every year. They also call them Bird’s Nest
    cookies. They look yummy!!

  7. NaturesFairy says:

    AWW your sweet my Dear Friend.. I would share a platter of them with you if
    you lived close by. I had to freeze them because they are so easy to grab
    and eat.. LOL!! I have been doing tons of baking! I do love it thou! Merry
    Christmas to you and your family and animal friends! Much love, hugs and
    blessings,, Brenda

  8. NaturesFairy says:

    Thank you Hun,, I appreciate all your support with all my GF recipes! HUGS

  9. Ahmad Alhuqayl says:

    looks very delicious

  10. Stacy Lamb says:

    They look delish. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us. Love ya sweetie.

  11. NaturesFairy says:

    Thank you very much! :)

  12. NaturesFairy says:

    Thank you Anna,,, I really appreciate all your support as I have been going
    thru this GF journey. Its been 10 months now! Today I made Pizzelles and is
    it ok if I add them as a VR to your Pizzelles Video! I hope your having a
    great day! Happy Baking!!

  13. Allaboutlovingmusic says:

    I have never heard of these cookies before, however these look scrumptous!

  14. NaturesFairy says:

    Oh thats wonderful!! :) They do taste good!! Happy Holidays! :)

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