is this a bad valentines gift for my bf?

Question by Kath!een: is this a bad valentines gift for my bf?
a card with “a zillion reasons why you’re amazing”
and valentines cookies

is that okay? what if i dont get the cookies and its just the card?

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Answer by Question Guy
Anything you do will be nice! Guys usually stress out that their women will get mad at them for valentine’s day!

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  1. TiaraB says:

    noo do the cookies…guys love FOOD
    thats a really nice gift though

  2. Leon says:

    I (a 55 y/o man) always prefer gifts that take a personal effort, not money per se, SO this sounds wonderful!

  3. Nanita says:

    If you made the cookies that would be an awesome gift! My now husband loves it when I bake for him :D the fact that he sees you put effort in doing something for him will make it very special

    If you only get the card that’s very lame if you ask me… I mean Valentines day is to show all the love you have for your Boyfriend, I mean he’s supposed to be the love of your life right now.

    so if you only get the card he’d probably be like: So that’s all you love me? just a card? there’s just nothing special in JUST the card. So definitely the cookies!

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