Is there any Polish candy to use for a wedding?

Question by cityangel74: Is there any Polish candy to use for a wedding?
My cousin is getting married. And we are very proud of our Polish Heritage, and she wants to try to have some Polish things at the wedding. One being some Polish candy for the guests. She has treasure boxes to fill but we are having a hard time finding Polish candy. Chocolate would be the ideal but we are looking for suggestions even recipes to try and make our own :) .

Thanks for the help

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Answer by biminibigblue has lots of Polish and other European candies and treats.

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  1. Bride 2 Be says:

    Polish chocolates

  2. jmclaughlin07 says:

    i’m not sure where on the candy but i’d do a google search.

    i just wanted to throw in another suggestion from one polish person to another. my very, very, VERY polish family always does shots of krupnik (sp?). it’s a polish liquor! quite good too! best wishes

  3. xemilyelisabethx says:

    My fiance is polish and I am not sure what this is called but he sometimes brings it home from a polish grocery store that he goes to. It is a thin wafer made of sesame seeds and is held together by some sort of honey mixture. They are absolutely delicious and beautiful to look at. They come in a little foil packet so I am sure it can be found at most polish stores and not just the one we go to.

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