Is there any kind of recipe for peanut butter cookies that uses Splenda or any artificial sweetener?

Question by LKJH: Is there any kind of recipe for peanut butter cookies that uses Splenda or any artificial sweetener?
Thank you. My wife has been recently diagnosed as borderline diabetic.

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Answer by Sew What?
Web search “splenda” cookie recipes. The texture won’t be right, A true cookie recipe is all about sugar and butter. Please note that artificial sweeteners are not really good substitutes for sugars. I know it’s probably on your wife’s list of okay foods but not a good idea because while artificial sweeteners don’t have calories, they fool your body into reacting as if it’s had sugar. And, it contributes to “sugar” cravings.

You may actually get a better result buying a “sugar free” or diabetic cookie from the health food store.

Doctors and nutritionists who stay current don’t advocate artificial sweeteners anymore unless your wife has a “lot” of weight to loose. (My doc was not one of those so I have a new one.)

Having high glucose levels is crummy. I have that too. But, I started feeling a lot better when I gave up sweets. It is not an easy thing to do. I allow myself a cheat day (usually Sunday). I make what we call the “sweet of the week,” a dessert.

Good luck to your wife. IF you haven’t visited websites for diabetics, I urge you to do that. I learned more from those folks than I did from my doctor. Not everyone who is considered borderline diabetic goes on to develop Type II diabetes.

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  1. Adam says:

    Hi LKJH,
    You sound like a nice guy and a very caring husband, so it’s good to ‘meet’ you.

    There are plenty of recipes out there (some linked below) for sugar-free peanut butter cookies. I think, however, that you really ought to be talking to a doctor about whether peanut butter and the rest of the ingredients in cookies are suitable for pre-diabetic patients. I have this ‘hunch’ that consuming a lot of refined carbohydrates is what actually *causes* diabetes and some qualms about artificial sweeteners, which have recently been implicated as a cause of over-eating, obesity, and therefore, DM (Type II)

    I had the pleasure, over 30 years ago, of knowing one of the world’s experts on the disease (I had taught most of his 6 kids in elementary school…) We had a few ‘chin-wags’ about childhood (Type I) diabetes [his specialty] as I’d had several students who were all diagnosed at about 10-11 years of age. He was generous with information and advice. This brilliant man also shared some of his views and hypotheses on Type II (adult-onset) diabetes with me.

    His intuition, back then, is now the “mainstream” view of the medical profession, the health industry and 90% of the health-journals and blogs I’ve read. If he’d had a grant to test his hypotheses he would’ve been up for a Nobel Prize, at best, or a knighthood from the Queen, at least. (He was an Australian doctor, BTW.) I’ve also read many articles claiming that from 80-90% of DM Type 2 cases are curable without medication, simply by dietary change.

    Best wishes, sir, to you and your wife!

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