Is it unethical to send your doctor and staff a gift for Christmas?

Question by : Is it unethical to send your doctor and staff a gift for Christmas?
I had an illness this past year. I saw my doctor a lot and he went out of his to help me and get to the bottom of my illness. There were visits that I was not even charged for. His staff was very caring to me and got me right in when I needed to be seen. All I can say they all went out of their way for me.
I thought about a Poinsettia, a fruit basket, an Edible Fruit Arrangement or a Christmas Cookie Bouquet.

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Answer by zendall
That would be a kindness. It would be unethical to give them a large gift such as a TV.

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  1. I Love Richard KHC says:

    I don’t think it is unethical, I would stick to something they can all eat, like candy, or cookies like you have already thought of. I wouldn’t do a fruit basket or fruit arrangement, but cookies or candy would be a nice gift. If they were there for you, and helped you get better, their is no reason why you can send them a thank you gift for their kindness. It might be their job but not everyone is nice to you and goes out of their way to help you.

  2. dubby says:

    Absolutely not! They would be grateful for any act of kindness even if they didn’t celebrate Christmas themselves. I used to get Hanukkah presents from my Jewish friends and I was honored.

    There are a very few, but very LOUD people out there who worship the God of Political Correctness that are always looking for something to complain about. I never met one of these people, but they get their way in the news and papers all the time.

    Real people, nice people that you have described, would accept your gift for what it is — an act of thanks for a job well done. Everyone can use a pat on the back now and then! Especially doctors, where there are so many sick, grumpy people.

  3. Hoekom Jy My Haat says:

    I think it fine idea to send a general gift to the entire office, both doctor and staff, showing your appreciation for their sterling care while you were ill. A box of candy, a fruit basket (I wouldn’t send flowers or plants in case any of the patients may have allergies.

    Larger gifts would be unethical. In with your gift write in a card how much you appreciated all the kindness they showed you during your troubles.

    I few years ago I had an operation and was quite rude and demanding while in hospital. Between the drugs and my anxiety, I was quite the nasty patient.

    A week later I showed up with three boxes of Godiva chocolates, one for each shift, as a small gift of apology for my bad behaviour.

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