Is it possible you could have another nationality which is unknown to you?

Question by Princess Dubrough: Is it possible you could have another nationality which is unknown to you?
I am Spanish Chinese Filipino I like different kinds of music from around the world I only know that I have three nationalities. Is it possible I could have not known I have another nationality?
I like Irish oatmeal and Walkers Scottish cookies. Do you have an unknown nationality?

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Answer by skyalert
Well,first of all…we really all started out as jews. So, we are all the chosen people.

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    yes it’ is very possible …

    sometimes those nationality’s never show and some do .

    I’ve wonder this too but , never bothered too ask anyone”

    hope this help’s

  2. DJ Dent says:

    Probably. Knowing the human race, one of your ancestors probably couldn’t keep his penis in his pants and poked around where he shouldn’t have.

  3. Amaretta says:

    Nationality is a political concept based on where you were born and the country where you hold citizenship. And sometimes that can be confusing. My grandmother was born in Hungary, but became Austrian when the border between the two countries was changed in 1921. Her father’s background was German and her mother’s was German and Croatian. She immigrated to the States and became an American. So what was her nationality? Others were born in Austria-Hungary, but after World War I, the villages where they were born were located in Poland or Czechoslovakia or Romania or Yugoslavia (now Croatia or Slovenia). My point is that your ancestors nationality may have only been that nationality for a generation or two and prior to that point, their ancestors lived in another country. Unless you do the genealogy research yourself, you’ll never know where else they may have lived.

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