Is it possible to kill someone with a cookie with regular recipe?

Question by MzFreakz: Is it possible to kill someone with a cookie with regular recipe?
So if I bake a cookie with regular recipe and NO food poison, could it kill a person when they eat it?
I honestly have no confidence in my cooking/baking. If someone ate something I made I would get ready to close my eyes in case anything happens.
Sometimes being too careful can hurt someone…
But I would really want to make nice cookies without harming anyone/anything.

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Answer by GIRL25
ahahha relax.

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  1. Sean Johnson says:

    Umm from cookies no! Ha it’s not that hard just be confident.

  2. thrillhouse79 says:

    Ha! I wouldnt worry about it..cookies are not too dangerous..I guess they could choke or go into a diabetic coma…neither of which would be your fault.

  3. Lifes a Beach says:

    Yes it is. I mean they can choke because its so horrible they just cant take it.

  4. pennybarr says:

    No, you will not kill anyone, unless you actually add poison to the cookies. Just make sure to follow your recipe and you will be fine. Since your not used to baking, pick and easy recipe, like drop cookies. You can google them and will get a few hits.

  5. Cook says:

    Yes, this is definitly possible on some rare occasions.
    I had once heard a story of someone who had breathed too much while he was making them, causing a really dense amount of CO2 to become imbedded into the cookies. His friends who ate them had choked on the gas being released into their lungs and they had to be hospitalized.
    Just try to hold your breath the whole time your making them and they’ll be fine

  6. Joseph the Second says:

    Actually- it IS ! :o Say you bake some cookies that have some chopped peanuts in Them (as part of the recipe)- and you served Them to Someone you didn’t know had a severe Peanut Allergy… What would happen NEXT- might put you off baking again- Forever !! So bake what You will… -But make SURE You Know the Limitations of the people You’re Serving… ;)

  7. Mike V says:

    if they choke on it, if they have allergies(stay away from using nuts) if they eat too many and in my case it would cause problems in the long term, as I am diabetic. I have always felt that home made cookies are the best thing to do for the holidays. One of my favs. is a “m&m” cookie, where you use a basic choc. chip recipe and substitute light brown sugar and ”m&m”s for the brown sugar and chips
    I have used the red and green candy for C’mas

  8. Trooper Treasure says:

    Well they could choke and stuff but it would be fine for the rest. Relax im sure you cook/bake just fine!

  9. chloe says:

    Take a cooking/baking class. That may increase your confidence. Your local grocery store may offer classes. Mine does.

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