Is it okay to use regular butter for gingerbread cookies?

Question by SandraMoocow: Is it okay to use regular butter for gingerbread cookies?
This is my first time trying to make gingerbread cookies and the recipe I have says to use unsalted butter, i’ve searched for other recipes as well and most of them say to use unsalted butter or vegetable shortening I did find one that says just butter. If I use regular butter will the cookies come out salty? what do you guys think? what should I use? I only have regular butter at the moment but I can get vegetable shortening.. HELP! I need to make the cookies today

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Answer by Jane
yes, just don’t add any more salt

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  1. aknaswonder says:

    Your cookies will turn out just fine. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I never use unsalted butter, and I do add the salt the recipe calls for. Salt helps bring out the sweetness in cookies and such things with sugar.
    Merrry Christmas.

  2. Olivia says:

    I’m a master at baking! I’ve been doing it constantly since i was four! It’s okay to use real butter as long as you don’t add too much salt!

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