Is it okay to feed your dogs raw carrots?

Question by scout: Is it okay to feed your dogs raw carrots?
My Weimaraner seems to like them better than dog cookies. Plus he doesn’t fart all night now. He gets very gassy when ever he eats anything.
My dog gobbles his food when he eats. If I gave him all his food he would get bloat. Most of his food ends up on the floor because it flies out the sides of his mouth I only give him 1 cup at a time. I feed him science diet he has “loose lips ”

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Answer by Andie
Yes, my dog loves them.

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  1. Whitney Houston says:

    Yeah, they going to die anyway.

  2. joe'sdeadbunny says:

    yes veggies are used instead of fillers in the good dog foods like Iams.

  3. basketsloefken says:

    If your dog doesn’t get sick of it, there’s no problem.
    just don’t feed him to much of them. =]

  4. catkeypurr says:

    Dogs, like people, are omnivores so veggies are good for them, too!

  5. dirtsa2828 says:

    yes. just no chocolate or onions. their poison. – greenbeens are good too.

  6. vitalogo says:

    carrots? wow! looks like your dog’s gonna have good eyesight for a long time

    = )

  7. MamaB says:

    Absolutely! But be prepared for the fact that when raw, they don’t actually ‘digest’ them so you will see them the other end lol. But they are a great treat and probably healthier than biscuits.

  8. p.miguel_71096 says:

    Yes, our dogs loves it too.

  9. I Love My Dog!!! says:

    Yes if he likes them and he don’t get sick off them then you can give your dog raw carrots, plus they are probably good for him anyway.

  10. eshires01 says:

    OH YES!!! They are wonderful especially frozen for puppies during teething!

    The perfect meal for a dog that has been ill is boiled ground round or chuck with rice and cooked carrots.

    Please try and find a good dog food that will cut down on the gas. It is not good for a large, deep chested breed to be gassy. The large, deep chested breeds tend to have a tendency for ‘bloat’ (gastric torsion) which is caused by excessive gas buildup in the stomach which causes it to rock and tear away from the abdominal wall. This is a life threatening condition with a rather swift progressing fatality! (see:

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